pizza crunchy

Pizza Crunchy – the Lochness Monster of Food?

Everyone’s heard of the fried Mars bar, a Scottish delicacy i still haven’t sampled, but do you know about the pizza crunchy? Pizza. Coated in batter. Deep fried.

I had heard tales of this mythical wonder food from The Scot and as a dedicated lover of pizza, have been dribbling at the thought of tucking into a slice. My first proper trip to Scotland recently was the perfect opportunity to take in the breathtaking scenery, breathe fresh air, take part in country pursuits blah blah blah. In truth it was always all about the pizza crunchy for me.

So the pilgramage to the Mecca of Fried Food began. Entering a chippie and seeing deep fried pizza on the menu, my heart skipped a beat. No not a sign of artery troubles. It turned out to be a false lead as to quote: “deep fried pizza is common – EVERYWHERE does it – dinnae a pizza crunchy.”

Roll on Hogmanay (New Year’s Eve) and it was my choice of meal – so yes you guessed, nothing but a proper pizza crunchy supper would do. The Scot trekked (well drove) all the way to Dani’s Diner in Erskine. THE place for PC.

Paired with Irn Bru, the National Drink. Oh and chips, the National Vegetable. Mission accomplished.

The taste is beside the point. Imagine polysterene. Coated in batter. Deep fried.

However this has the potential to make the Final Supper list. Wouldn’t take much to improve – proper pizza oozing with cheese for a start. Could be all kinds of wonderful.

Yes i felt filthy afterwards but also satisfied – like the best things in life.

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