Travel: 5 Places I’ve Never Been (And Why I Want To Go)

I do love a wishlist so was delighted to be invited by Chelle (wearer of fabulous bling and co-founder of BrownGirlsFly travel blog) to take part in the last stop of the Travelling Brown Girls Carnival. I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to travel a far bit taking in five continents so far (yet to set foot on Antarctica and Oceania) but there’s still so much more of the world to see. My shower curtain is a world map so every day I look and dream of places I want to go next!

Here’s my (current) list of five places I’ve never been to and why I want to go.


Why? My friend spent a year there and HATED IT. He hated it because he thought everything was alien.  Now to me that’s the VERY reason why i want to go.



Why? Known as the ‘spice island’ the very name just conjures all all that I find delicious. I do know there’s so much more to it than that but it does get my tastebuds watering. Also Farrokh Bulsara aka Freddie Mercury was from there. And I specifically want to go to this restaurant. To be honest this restaurant is the real reason – is it wrong to plan a whole trip around sipping a cold drink and sizzling prawns on this spot?

The Rock Restaurant, Zanzibar
The Rock Restaurant, Zanzibar


Why? My parents honeymooned here when it was known as the ‘Paris of the Middle East’ (everywhere seems to be the Paris of somewhere!) just before the civil war broke out.  Growing up as a child in Lagos, there was a big expat Lebanese community so I was always hearing about the city and I still love eating Lebanese food. I hear it’s thriving so I would love to explore.



Why? Birthplace of humanity (Lucy, the female fossil dating back 3.2 million years considered our oldest human ancestor was found here) and boasting one of the oldest civilisations. My inner Indiana Jones would love to see the archaeological treasures and get my Queen of Sheba on. Also it’s home to the World Laughter Master who runs laughter holidays (read about him here).

Holy Trinity Cathedral Addis Ababa
Holy Trinity Cathedral Addis Ababa
Simien Mountains
Simien Mountains


Why? Again it’s the spices. The history. The continent straddling. I hear from a Turkish friend the shopping is amazing too especially shoes and handbags. I know there are concerns about safety but the same could arguably apply anywhere.

Blue Mosque, Istanbul
Blue Mosque, Istanbul

Ask me tomorrow and I’ll probably name another five and the next day another five.

So where’s on your travel wish list?

  1. Uncanny! I have almost exactly the same list. But probably minus Ethiopia as I’m too much a tourist and suspect it requires a more hardy ‘traveller’ than I can be. Plus, I cannot find it in myself to like injera, however much I try… Although the churches in Lalbela do look interesting.

    The other place I’d really love to go is Seoul. My BF went there recently and *loved* it. Must confess it had never occurred to be before her eulogising…

    1. That is spooky – great minds and all! Ethiopia is the one place on my list that the food isn’t calling me – I love my 5-a-day and it all looks v fermenty stewy…but the culture and landscape fascinating. Seoul – interesting – I’ve just tried to conjure up an image and all I can see is Olympics. What did she like about it?

  2. Love your list, Lynda! We share Istanbul, Japan, Ethiopia and Zanzibar. I’d forgotten that Beirut was at one time compared to Paris. War is hell.
    Anyway, I do hope you get to cross them all off your list soon. Happy trails!

  3. Thanks for joining the Carnival!
    I love that your shower curtain is a world map and love your Wander List!
    Antarctica, however, has never been on my list, while Iceland (where I’ve only done a few layovers) is. Strange, I know, but one of My Travel Truths.
    Safe travels! (And stay warm. LOL)

    1. The carnival is a great idea – thanks for getting it together! Fascinating reading everyone’s list and adding to mine. Ah South Pacific – hope your wishes come true!

  4. Stopping by from the carnival to say hi. So interesting to see so many bloggers with Japan on their list. I hope you get to some of these, soon!

    1. Hi Lisa. It’s been fun wishing and def plan to do more than wish for at least one this year! What’s on your list? (not authorised to your site)

  5. Your list is so exotic! This is the second blog with Antarctica listed. Love it….

  6. I know what you mean about naming another five tomorrow and five more the day after. Beirut just got added after reading this list. So many places…

  7. Love your list Lynda. Zanzibar – wow! Now, I’m going to start googling it and probably become obsessed. I’m convinced that we need to do a group trip to Japan – I just said this to someone else who had it on their 5. I think that’s so awesome that so many are intrigued by this country and its people…I think the feeling is mutual.

    1. Totally. I’ve looked at all the lists and Japan is the most chosen country overall! My plan is to turn at least one of the wishes to reality this year!

  8. Hey Lynda! I was so excited that you were able to join us for the blog carnival! I love your list. Istanbul is the only one I’ve been to and it was only for a 5-hour layover on the way back to Chicago from JoBurg. I did get to see the Blue Mosque (amazing) but there’s so much more to see. I definitely need to return!!

    Zanzibar — so great — and I’m totally feeling that restaurant you shared. Where is my boat?

    As for Japan, I agree with Tawanna. It seems Japan is calling our collective names. Can you see it now? A large brown girl posse roaming through the streets of Tokyo on a tweeting, instagraming, facebooking, blogging frenzy? LOL. Love it. let’s go!!

    PS. Thanks for the shoutout on my WTM travel bling 🙂

    1. Hi! Thanks for letting me know – it was such fun! Must have been a tough choice for you Crystal to chose 5 BETWEEN you. Istanbul is the closest so my plan is to visit this year! Happy travelling!

  9. Great list – Istanbul and Beirut are on my list and I want to get there in the next 12 months! Would love Zanzibar too and the others. New Orleans was somewhere I always wanted to go and did not disappoint. Suppose as you’ve done most of America, hiked around Brazil and ate battered pizza in Scotland that’s why they are not on the list..

  10. LOL I so hear you, my top five changes at any given moment too! Thank you for sharing Belachew Girma’s story. The Laughmaster is yet another reason Ethiopia is at the top of my list.

  11. LOVE your list! So many of these places are on my list too! So difficult to narrow it to 5 : ) Hope you get to them all soon!

    1. Narrowing down is tough isn’t it! I don’t see the point of travelling for more of the same though sometimes comfort and familiarity are very welcome! Fingers crossed I’ll be crossing off at least one this year.

    2. Istanbul is looking like a strong possibility for a long weekend. Tanzania/Zanzibar is a goal for end of year but who knows – fair bit of work travel coming up so may just want to spend my holiday time at home!

  12. Even without the descriptions, your pics are…wow!! I have no earthly idea where Zanzibar is, but will researching online before the day is over. And yes my list has changed as well. I’ll keep with the top 5 I’ve shared on other posts, but know this list could of easily been expanded to Top 20 or better yet, Top 25. My top 5- Madrid; London; Paris; Dubai; and Maldives.

    1. Great list – sure i live here so i’m biased but London is an amazing city. We’re lucky to have Europe on our doorstep hence why I’ve been lucky enough to visit or else they would certainly be on my list too! Here’s to happy travels and wishing!

  13. I am so blessed to have been to a few places on your list (Japan and Zanzibar) so feel free to ask me when you make it. My list is: Madagascar, Botswana, Namibia, Chernoble and DRC.

    1. Oh yes Madagascar/Nambia would be on my next 5! Chernoble i’m sure would be fascinating. I’m holding breath wishing for Zanzibar at end of year..

  14. Impressive list and all so lovely. If you do go I look forward to seeing the pics :0) Instanbul has been on my list since I was ilttle and saw the movie ‘Back Street’ an old holiday fill on infidelity and loss lol. Don’t as why I was looking at such a film at a tender age lol.

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