Nailing It: Yellow Fever! (Barry M yellow nail paint)

I love yellow. It’s just so cheering and spirit lifting. I defy you to feel sorry for yourself when looking at yellow.  Jo over at Patent Purple Life recently blogged about her “sunshine in a bottle”, (Maybelline Colorshow Electric Yellow) which inspired me to catch yellow fever and go bright with my nails too.

The nail polish on my fingers tends to be on the dark spectrum with mainly shades of grey, blue and nude year-round. I’ve worn red nail polish once in the past ten years so yellow was a leap out of my finger comfort zone. I knew the shade I wanted couldn’t be insipid or chalky at all –  it had to be canary coloured or close to the shade of a Selfridges bag. I was about to buy the Maybelline Electric Yellow then remembered that somewhere in my makeup dungeon was lurking a yellow that I’d bought a few years ago but never worn. Ta dah….Barry M yellow 134.

Barry M yellow nail paint
Barry M nail paint: Yellow 134
Barry M nail paint: yellow 134
Barry M nail paint: yellow 134 swatch

Considering that the bottle is at least three years old, the colour went on very smoothly though you will definitely need at least two coats for opaque coverage. On a sidenote I think Barry M nail polishes are fantastic quality for the price tag (around the £2-£3 mark).  How long it lasted on me is fairly meaningless as everybody is different and I wash my hands an excessive amount apparently. For what it’s worth I had a tiny bit of wear on the index finger tips on day two – I clearly do a lot of pointing or scratching. On day three small chips appeared on my right hand, day four the left hand followed suit and I did a patch repair job, by day six they looked like Hole era Courtney Love.

All in all I absolutely loved the colour and became very showy offy with my fingers. Looking at my nails just made me smile. Here I am with a selection of yellow goods 😉

Barry M Yellow swatch collage
Look! Look! Look! Yellow fever!

The downside with strong colours is that as soon as it starts to chip it looks minging. Also this yellow did leave my nails a little stained even though I had used a base coat.  Someone suggested that I use a white nail polish as the first layer to really make the colour pop, which I’ll try next time.

What high voltage nail colour have you worn recently?

NB: Barry M nail paint yellow 134 is not available in shops or from Barry M directly but it is available on Superdrug’s website (though currently out of stock) and can be found easily online.

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