Natural Beauty: AFYNA Purifying Cream Cleanser Review

purifying-cream-cleanser3Cleansers are my favourite skincare purchase hence why I bang on about them a fair bit. Check out my current cleanser closet. In my humble opinion, they are the single most important part of a skincare routine as applying everything else, including makeup, is useless if the skin hasn’t been cleansed properly. My dry and sensitive skin loves oil and balm cleansers as they are non-stripping and gentle on the skin as they don’t generally contain preservatives. Occasionally for a change, I dally with a cream cleanser.   I was sent the AFYNA Purifying Cream Cleanser to put through its paces.


“A gentle, purifying cleanser powered by vitamins and minerals from camellia seed oil enabling it to dissolve impurities and re-balance skin for a soft, smooth complexion.  Myrica gale, an antibacterial, leaves the skin feeling perfectly clean, hydrated and renewed. Plus, it’s gentle enough for eye makeup removal.” Soft, smooth, perfectly clean, hydrated – tick, tick, tick, tick! I’m not sure what renewed means I personally think that claim comes under the smooth description.I was really impressed with how it coped with eye make up. Everything came out without tugging and zero irritation. A massive tick from me.

afyna_purifying_cream_cleanser_2   afyna_purifying_cream_cleanser_1 The packaging is a see-through pump action bottle which is great as you can see exactly what’s left inside. I also love that there’s no wastage as every little bit of cleanser is squeezed out. Ingredients are listed on the packaging. I love that the tube includes an expiry date – hurrah! afyna_purifying_cream_cleanser_ingredients 87% of the ingredients are of certified organic origin. As you can see it contains a number of nourishing emollients including camellia seed oil, castor oil, Vitamin E and cocoa butter which my skin was very happy with. I would like to see the full ingredient list on the website and not just the packaging so those with sensitives can check for any potential irritants. The instructions state it should be rinsed off with water but I preferred using with a muslin cloth – cleansing and exfoliating in one step.


The AFYNA purifying cream cleanser has become a firm favourite.  Some cleansers are a perfunctory encounter, you just want to get it over and done with. With this I looked forward to using it. Thinking about it made me sigh with contentment. Yes really. This is up there with my beloved Pai as the best cream cleanser I’ve used. If you have dry and/or sensitive skin like moi, I think your skin would love this.

For more information about the new British organic skincare line AFYNA, read this post to learn more.

Purifying Cream Cleanser (100ml), £25 

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