GOSH Velvet Touch lipstick swatches

GOSH Autumn/Winter Velvet Touch Lipsticks Review and Swatches

Gosh velvet touch lipsticks
GOSH Velvet Touch lipstick autumn/winter, left to right: 164 Adorable, 165 Temptation, 166 Divine, 167 Scarlet, 168 Diva, 171 Twilight, 172 Angel

If you haven’t guessed from my #100LippyDays adventure, let me be clear – I LOVE LIPSTICK. LOVE LOVE LOVE LURVE the stuff. One thing that became abundantly clear is how much High Street and drugstore brands have really upped their lipstick game. Where once they were horribly waxy, cheap smelling bullets that I reluctantly dragged across my lips, the formulas of some now rival the luxe brands. I am a lipstick snob no more. One brand in particular that I’ve been impressed with is Danish brand GOSH which is stocked in Superdrug. Texture and colour wise, GOSH Velvet Touch lipsticks remind me a little of Nars.

Eight new colours have been added to for autumn/winter 2014 collection of GOSH Velvet Touch lipsticks. There is a pink and a nude in the collection but as always I only have eyes (or should that be lips) for the dramatic colours. Check out the swatches of the new colours in the GOSH Velvet Touch lipstick autumn/winter collection:

GOSH Velvet Touch lipstick swatches
GOSH Velvet Touch lipstick swatches

The Velvet Touch lipsticks are pigment packed with zero shimmer and a very creamy finish that’s not quite matte. There is some variety in terms of the coverage though. You’ll notice from the swatches that some of the lipsticks give amazing colour payoff and completely opaque coverage in one swipe while others are slightly sheerer and glossier but can be built up. I would have loved the vampy Twilight to be more opaque.

GOSH Velvet Touch 168 Diva* Swatch

168 Diva, GOSH Velvet Touch lipstick – bottom is 1 light swipe, top is 3 swipes – very buildable coverage
168 Diva, GOSH Velvet Touch lipstick swatch
168 Diva, GOSH Velvet Touch lipstick swatch. I wore this on Day 85 of #100LippyDays

168 Diva is a rich brick red that can be built from a single sheer layer to the deep colour shown above. The lipstick felt very comfortable and hydrating on the lips, always a plus in the cold weather, and applied smoothly. I detected a slight cocoa buttery smell which I like. There is no long-lasting claim which doesn’t bother me. More importantly to me the colour wore off evenly so I didn’t have to keep checking or worry about what I call Lipstick Perimeter Offence. The lipstick could be removed easily and didn’t leave an unwanted stain. They are really good value for money and in blind tests would certainly give department store lipsticks a run for their money.

GOSH Velvet touch lipstick, £6.49 at superdrug.com 

Have you tried GOSH? What other products do they do well?

  1. Useful blog! Will be trying these soon. Have you tried their lipliners? They’re amazing! Ive got their ‘antique rose’ shade. It lasts forever and is a beautiful autumnal shade

  2. I have the Twilight color. On your lips it is really colorful, especially when you wear a quite dark lipliner. After putting it on you can leave it like that, or if you think it’s too gothic looking (because of pale skin or something) just give a kiss on a tissue 😛

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