Big Ben

#GiffGaffSnaps Instagraming London

I love London and I love walking so when Giff Gaff & Best LDN Walks invited me to join their #GiffGaffSnaps photo walk, I pulled on my walking wedges.  The two-hour Instagram tour takes in London’s most hashtagged locations so you can #selfie in landmark style. We were also joined by Phil Hibberd, who taught the UK’s very first mobile phone photography course, sharing tips on smartphone snapping beyond the auto setting mode.

Phil Hibberd, Photography Made Simple
Phil Hibberd, Photography Made Simple

The tours are led by the formidable Charlotte, who left a career in the ad industry, to follow her passion for sharing London’s delights by becoming a tour guide before setting up Best LDN Walks.

We set off on from the Southbank, one of my favourite spots, and ended up in the official centre of London. Along the way we learnt more about London’s fascinating history including female construction workers, lion’s testicles, legal brothels and oh I got my Banksy on spray painting a wall. Average evening in London then.

A few of my favourite discoveries from the tour below:


I’ve walked over Waterloo a gazillion times but had no idea it was built by women during World War II.



Leake Street Tunnel (aka the Banksy Tunnel), behind Waterloo station, is the only place in London where you are legally allowed to graffiti. I of course grabbed some spray paint and got my non-balaclaved Banksy on.

Leake Street Graffiti Tunnel
Getting my Banksy on
Getting my Banksy on


It would be rude to not photograph Big Ben

Big Ben
Big Ben


You’ve heard of the Greenwich Meridian Line where time is measured from. Well this statue of King Charles I is on the spot  that is officially the centre of London where all measurements in London start from.

You’re looking at the very centre of London. Right there that King Charles I statue is where all measurements start from.

Instagram Tour, Best LDN Walks, £10. For further information on the tour head over to 




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