Getting My Juice On: CPRESS Organic Juice

2014 was the year that London got all LA with lots of healthy eateries opening across town. If you follow me on Instagram then you’ll know that this pleases me greatly as I do adore my fruit and veg and unpronounceable grains. If I say so myself, I am smoothie queen and make my own daily colourful concoctions. Juices however I leave to the pros. Mainly because I am too lazy to deal with the faff involved in cleaning a juicer. The folks at CPRESS, a new juice and healthy eating spot in Fulham, recently invited me to check them out. CPRESS-coldpressed-juice Would you look at that gorgeous selection, which isn’t even every juice CPRESS offer. The menu includes a wide variety of juices from single fruit like pear and watermelon, to interesting fruit and veg combinations and all-out virtuous green. There are also some tasty nut milks and coconut water mixes. I tried the following juices and found them all to taste fresh and bursting with flavour. I’m hardcore into my greens but if you have a sweeter palate there is such a wide choice you can start with one of the fruitier juices and work your way up.

CPRESS is Soil Association certified which means that all the produce used is guaranteed to be organic all the time. A winner for me as I prefer to avoid unnecessary, potentially toxic pesticides and chemical residues. All the juices are cold pressed which means that the maximum nutrition is kept as there is no heat to destroy the vitamins and enzymes. No preservatives are added either but the juices stays fresher for longer as cold pressing minimises the amount of exposure to air that can degrade the juice. CPRESS-greenjuice

Like most people, Christmas is the season for stuffing my face. At some point my body starts screeching for green things that don’t come in a Quality Street foil wrapper.  At this time of year, I know many people think of doing a juice cleanse, either as a “detox” after festive feasting or as part of a ‘New Year, New You’ resolution to kick start a healthier lifestyle.

What’s the difference between smoothies and juices I’m often asked? Smoothies are basically blended food so all the fibre is retained. Great because they are filling, however your body can’t fully absorb all the nutrients. Juices are a concentrated nutrient infusion with all the vitamins and enzymes released so your body doesn’t have to do much work to absorb as all the fibre has been removed. Excellent when your body needs a boost or is healing, however be mindful you’re not consuming too much natural sugars by sticking to more vegetable than fruit in your mix. Both smoothies and juices have a place in a healthy diet.

Juicing is not cheap but keeping your body healthy is an investment worth making I believe and prevention is better than cure. I’ll leave my rant about the price of healthy food for another day. How much does illness cost the health service?

CPRESS offers individual juices from £4.50 and cleanse packages including from £31 a day, which is a pretty good deal for the quality and compared to some other London cold press juice companies

  • The Crunch – a mixture of juices and salads for first timers from £31 a day
  • The Reformer – 7 drinks, a mixture of fruit and vegetable juices, nut milks and tonic from £37 a day
  • The Savasana – 7 drinks, a mixture of 5 mainly green juices, 1 nut milk and 1 tonic from £37 a day

For more information: CPRESS. 285 Fulham Road, London SW10 2PZ www.cpressjuice.com 

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