Skin Hydrating Green Smoothie ingredients

Recipe: Skin Hydrating Green Goddess Smoothie (vegan)

I LOVE green smoothies (not news to you if you follow me on Instagram). I have a gazillion recipes as I continually experiment and mix things up but this is one of my absolute favourite combinations. It’s delicious with the spicy kick of the rocket, bursting with nutrients and offers all kinds of goodness for the skin. To keep skin happy and healthy, hydration and … Continue reading Recipe: Skin Hydrating Green Goddess Smoothie (vegan)

Wonderloving: March Beauty Faves

Here’s a speedy snapshot of the marvellous beauty products that have pleased me greatly recently. Sarah Chapman Skinesis Ultimate Cleanse Why? I’ve had this in my cleanser closet – it’s one of those cleansers that make me sigh with contentment whenever I use it. Great as a balm as well as a wash-off cleanser. Bodhi Mint Thé Shower Gel Why? One sniff and I feel like singing “wake up … Continue reading Wonderloving: March Beauty Faves

Semlor at Scandinavian Kitchen

Easter Eats ~ Semla at Scandinavian Kitchen

Scandinavian Kitchen is a cheery little enclave of Scandinavian cuisine just off Oxford Street. Easter there means one thing…..semlor. Feast your eyes on these buns: Semlor are a Scandinavian delicacy – a cardamom flavoured cream bun stuffed with marzipan. In a similar way to Christmas pudding, semlor are seasonal and only eaten during the period up to Easter. Traditionally, these are normally eaten on Shrove Tuesday, when people … Continue reading Easter Eats ~ Semla at Scandinavian Kitchen