Natural Beauty: Discovering Ecoluxe Vapour Organic Beauty

I’m a picky customer and don’t want to compromise and “make do” with green beauty products. On the skincare front, I’m all organic and natural but with makeup I feel options can be limited. Performance and packaging wise, I want products that stand shoulder to shoulder with everything else available so when I discover a brand that is ticking the right boxes, it would be rude not to explore.  I briefly mentioned Vapour Organic Beauty in my recent post about inclusive natural beauty companies and thought I’d give you a closer look at brand and share my first impressions.

The first glimpse of the Vapour foundation colour chart had me squealing with delight. Multiple skin tones and multiple undertones – yippee! It SHOULD be standard but it’s not, so I get the warm and fuzzies about green beauty brands that offer this. Vapour Organic Beauty - foundation colour chart Vapour is an American company founded in 2009 by Krysia Boinis and Kristine Keheley, who’d spent years working together creating beauty products for other brands. Then they were joined by Eric Sakas, co-founder of Kevyn Aucoin Beauty *we are not worthy* who was behind the acclaimed Making Faces and Face Forward books. So we’re talking serious luxury beauty knowledge chops all round. They say:

“VAPOUR embodies the beliefs of its founders – beautiful, glowing skin without compromise.”

Who doesn’t want all of the above?

On the no compromise front they’re all up in that. From the ingredients, to work practices and packaging. All Vapour products are made with at least 70% organic ingredients and the rest is high-quality mineral pigments and oils. They do not use plant pigments as they are water based, which requires preservatives. The entire line is made without irradiation, nano particles, parabens, petrochemicals, synthetic additives or fillers. All the products are in a stick formula so you don’t need brushes to apply.

Krysia Boinis: “We are creating a different model for doing business based on our desire to leave the world a little better than we found it. We believe a company can be profitable and successful without being greedy and abusive to the environment, employees or customers.”

Hue beauty collection, curated by Karim Orange

The sleek metallic packaging (recyclable of course) is in various shades of blue. Now the tiny OCD part of my brain wishes it was all one colour.  If I had to compare it to any department store brands, my first thoughts are Estee Lauder with a Laura Mercier-style focus on pretty, wearable, natural, non-intimidating colours. The collection seems to be about the classics rather than trend-led. I can imagine Michelle Obama or Olivia Pope using Vapour.

I’m excited to have a proper play with this elegant ecoluxe line. I have a few items to put through their paces and will report back.

For more information on Vapour Organic Beauty visit 

The line is now also available at Naturisimo who offer free worldwide delivery 

With luxury beauty, I really want to see it in the flesh. For a first-hand look in the UK, the only place I’m aware of that stocks Vapour in-store is Content 

  1. Looks promising but would be interesting to see if they have managed to go PO-free. I haven’t spotted them in Germany yet.
    How were your ventures in mineral make-up so far? 🙂 I am expecting to see your Signature Spring look soon! x

    1. There’s no PO in the products I’ve looked at (foundation, concealer, lipstick, blusher) but I’m not sure about the entire line. They list ingredients on website. BTW do free delivery worldwide and I ordered Vapour samples from them.

      I’ve ordered some samples from Jane Iredale and need to get a suitable brush for the mineral adventure to begin! I have seen a liquid mineral that I’m liking the look of.

      And you shall 🙂 x

    2. Sorry for the delay: work 🙂

      Sounds good! What do you mean, liquid mineral? o.O *intrigued*

  2. I bought one of their lipsticks yesterday in Australia and love it. I hadn’t heard of the brand before then and am now inspired try more!

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