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Beat the Plastic Bag Fee With Eco-Chic Shopping Bags

From October, England is joining a few other countries in the world by levying a 5p fee on plastic bags. Plastic bags are easy and convenient to grab at the shops but at a massive cost to the planet. I’m sure you’ve all seen the horrific images of trash ‘icebergs’ in our oceans, most of which is plastic. I think the fee is a good idea. In 2002, when the Republic of Ireland introduced a fee for single-use plastic bags, within a year there was a 90% reduction in their use.

I have reusable shopping bags which I take out with me for planned shopping trips. However I often end up shopping on the fly so I’m not prepared and have to take supermarket plastic bags. Whack whack. The problem is that my usual shopping bags are too bulky to carry around 24/7. So what’s a gal to do? Yes I know I should plan better but in the real world!

Well I’ve found an eco-chic, practical and stylish solution from ZPM a homewards company who got in touch. The founder Zoe aspires to the Andy Warhol ethos of “let things that would ordinarily bore you suddenly thrill you”! Amen to that.


So here’s the ZPM daily shopper, as you can see it is teeny – smaller than my Oystercard wallet. It is small enough that I could carry it around in my pocket if i really wanted to, though I just keep it in my handbag permanently.

The ZPM daily shopper. Folds up smaller than my Oysercard.
The ZPM daily shopper. Folds up smaller than my Oysercard.
ZPM Disco Dot daily shopper
ZPM Disco Dot daily shopper

Made from parachute fabric, the bag feels very sturdy and there are plain as well as patterned versions to choose from. I found that it carries the equivalent of two supermarket plastic bags in terms of volume. Here’s a shop I did containing tins, cartons and a glass jar which all comfortably fit in to the daily shopper. I would probably have used four supermarket bags doubling up for the heavy items.

ZPM daily shopper full of shopping
This shop fit in to the bag


If you follow me on Instagram then you know I buy a hell of a lot of fruit and veg! I try to avoid produce in excess packaging but sometimes end up having to use the shop’s little plastic or paper bags. ZPM also offer these reusable net fruit and vegetable bags which come in very handy for bagging and storing when you get home. You can also wash stuff in them directly like a sieve.

ZPM fruit and veg bag
ZPM fruit and veg bag

I tend to shop little and often so the daily shopper bag is the perfect size for me. There is also the Trolley Dolly eco-bag kit set, available in a set of 8 or 16 bags including box and bottle bags and which even comes with a nifty trolley token so no more hunting for a £1 coin! ZPM seem to have thought of everything!

What do you think of the plastic bag fee?

ZPM reusable bags from £2.50. Fruit and Veg Net Bags, £3 for 5. Trolley Dolly eco bag kit from £15. www.zpm.com 

  1. These look really good! I’m forwarding your post to Mr Beheld, as (whenever possible) I offload household shopping duties on to him 🙂

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