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Beauty news: New H&M Beauty Launches In The UK

The brand new H&M Beauty collection has launched in the UK and I’ve got to say that based on first impressions I’m impressed. On the beauty front, I do tend to be a luxury lover but I firmly believe that there are goodies to be found for every budget and style is not linked to price. The massive collection covers everything makeup, skincare and fragrance with nothing I spotted over £9.99.

The first thing that caught my eye is the vintage-style, classy packaging in shades of cream and black with rose gold details. The outer box features a Garboesque model and it all screams grown-up elegance. Not what I would have expected. In the hand it does feel very lightweight but at the prices you can’t dare complain.

Bonus points to H&M for making the makeup range inclusive with shade options for a variety of skin tones. Something that should be the norm on the High Street but sadly is still a rarity.

The comprehensive colour cosmetics

I have long been a fan of the quality of H&M’s older sister & Other Stories makeup range and it looks like some of that has rubbed off. The textures and pigmentations of the few products I swiped and swatched were impressive. They felt like department store items despite their drugstore price. I have no idea what the long term performance is like as I didn’t buy anything due to the current Spending Ban but I shall be back.

H&M Beauty swatches
H&M Beauty swatchfest

Of all the High Street fashion retailers, H&M seem to be the most proactive in regards to sustainability. So even more exciting is talk of a range of eco-friendly, organic certified beauty products to come from H&M Beauty. Affordable green beauty on the High Street would be a game changer.

All in all, in style and scale, H&M have wiped the floor with every other High Street beauty range.

As far as I’m aware it’s currently only available in-store in London at the flagship Oxford Circus store and selected branches nationwide. The whole range can be found online 

  1. Aah I just got my fist glimpse of a display yesterday and purchases some amazing things. The packaging is just so pretty, reminds me a of Tom Ford and definitely more luxurious then the price.
    Can’t wait to try my goodies. Did you buy anything?

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