ILIA spf collection launch

New ILIA Beauty SPF Collection Swatches & Review

There’s a new ILIA collection (stop and do a happy dance) and ILIA founder, Sasha Plasvic was in London recently to celebrate the launch at brand-new retailer, Fenwick of Bond Street.

We got an exclusive first look at the limited edition Raw Beauty SPF Collection as well as a masterclass from Sasha herself. Also hush hush but there are some exciting new products in the pipeline including powder eyeshadows and more.

ILIA spf collection launch
ILIA Raw Beauty SPF Collection. All dressed in white for the summer.

SPF is an essential but it tends to look very functional. With this collection ILIA are basically bringing sexy back. The sleek, white packaging is very Miami non? I see it spending quality time with me beside a lounger this summer.

The five piece, limited edition Raw Beauty SPF collection contains high-grade, non-nano zinc oxide for natural protection against UVA and UVB rays. The raw beauty refers to the botanical ingredients used in the various products which includes hibiscus, passionflower, rose petals, lavender flowers alongside organic butters and oils. All designed to give you glowing, radiant skin.

Let’s take a closer look at the products. As usual there’s fabulous attention to detail and all the names are inspired by songs….

ILIA Spring SPF collection
Everything is going to be all white…..ILIA Beauty S/S SPF Collection

All Your Gold, ILIA Radiant Beauty Balm SPF20 Review

ILIA says: “An instant pick-me-up that revives skin for a brighter and more radiant looking complexion. Subtle pearl pigments of gold softly diffuse the light creating a fresh, smooth, youthful appearance. A high-grade, non-nano zinc oxide SPF 20 sunscreen offers natural UVA and UVB protection.”

ILIA Radiant Beauty Balm SPF 20
Rose petals and lavender flowers are some of the botanical ingredients in the ILIA Radiant Beauty Balm SPF20

When I apply a small amount of the ILIA Radiant Beauty Balm it blends in to leave a subtle golden sheen which is pretty on the skin however when I use a larger amount all over my face, there is a tiny hint of Ghostface. For my skin colour, I wouldn’t wear this on its own but I like to mix this in with foundation for a nice bit of added radiance. In warmer weather when my skin gets oilier, I imagine this will work well as a primer. If you avoid ‘cones be mindful that this does contain dimethicone.

ILIA Radiant Balm SPF20 swatch
ILIA Radiant Balm SPF20 swatch

Moondance, ILIA Radiant Translucent Powder SPF20 Review 

ILIA says: “ILIA Radiant Translucent Powder is an organic blend of powders including Aloe Vera with light essential oils of Rosemary and Thyme. Hibiscus Flower extract acts as an anti-oxidant to the skin while non-nano zinc oxide provides SPF 20 protection. The fine pearl pigment offers light reflecting properties that brings a luminosity to the skin.A follow up to Fade Into You, Moondance offers all the same benefits and adds natural SPF 20 protection with a hint of luminosity.”

ILIA FADE into You and Moondance
ILIA Fade Into You and Moondance

Fade Into You is ILIA’S translucent powder. I love the formula, which is a powder that manages not to make my dry skin look dry, thanks to hydrating ingredients, but have a love/hate relationship with the packaging. I love that’s it’s all-in-one so easy to carry around and great for on the go touch ups, but struggle with controlling how the powder comes out. Moondance has an updated design, with a close, open and buff setting  which makes using it so much easier.  The shimmer is incredibly subtle (too subtle to photograph!) but you can just see it in sunlight. It’s a winner.

ILIA Tinted Lip Conditioner SPF15 Review

ILIA says: “ILIA Tinted Lip Conditioner SPF 15 offers natural sun protection and a host of new botanicals. The moisturizing butters of Cocoa and Shea help soften lips and are combined with a rich blend of antioxidant oils of Organic Avocado, Sesame, Cranberry, and Passionflower.”

ILIA tinted lip conditioners spf15
ILIA Tinted Lip Conditioners SPF15

I was not prepared for how these made me swoon. I’m an ILIAlipstickaholic but tend to be drawn to the bold, pigmented colours. Sure Bombora and Kokomo looked pretty in the tube but I wasn’t dying to try them on. And then I did and fell head over heels. They apply very sheer but the colours are buildable so I get good coverage on my pigmented lips. The texture is super buttery and feels very moisturising on the lips. As usual with sheer colours it isn’t particularly long lasting, which I don’t expect in any case. I suspect you’ll need to be careful applying in very warm weather as they’ll become very soft.

These ILIA Tinted Lip Conditioners are like the lipstick equivalent of fine French lingerie – glides on like silk, sheer, subtle, super flattering, and make you feel oh so kissable.


ILIA Bombora and Kokoma Tinted Lip Condition swatched

At present the lustworthey ILIA Raw Beauty SPF collection is limited edition. Fingers crossed this summer look becomes part of the permanent range. In the UK it’s available at Fenwicks Bond Street exclusively until 18 April 2016 and all other stockists including Content Beauty and Fortnum and Mason after.

ILIA Raw Beauty SPF Collection 

NB: includes samples provided for review purposes.


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