First Zodiac Sign Inspired Makeup Range MYSIGN Launches

MYSIGN at SuperdrugNew beauty launch alert! The first makeup range inspired by star signs, MYSIGN, a new limited edition, collaboration with Makeup Revolution, has just launched. I’ve known the brains behind the brand, the lovely Krista Madden, for a while so had a quick chat with her to find out more.

Why did you decide to launch MYSIGN?

KM: “I thought of the idea for MYSIGN back in 2014 because the beauty industry was starting to personalise products and your star sign is a fun and personal statement of who you are. I think girls are in to our star signs, some more than others, we are all just a bit interested in something if it is for our sign. It felt like such a natural fit to do a make up range for our star signs, and I was surprised nobody had done it before, so that was it, I was determined to get this out there as a brand.”

How did you go about putting together the MYSIGN palettes?

KM: “Looking at the colours that as signs we are drawn to,  I started to put together swatches to make sure I could see 12 different ways to make a pretty eye for each palette, while still keeping within the colour range for each sign. Naturally they are loosely based, as there are lots of colours each sign is supposed to like, and I needed to make these eye wheels commercial, people needed to like them and want to wear them.”

Why did you partner with Make Up Revolution?

KM: “When I approached Make Up Revolution they loved the idea, and I was thrilled to work with them because they have such high quality products with great pigment, making the eye wheels such good value and such a great product.”

Tell me about the packaging?

KM: “I wanted to make an illustration of each  girl to make the packaging stand out and give more personality to the product. Luckily I found Sally Faye Cotterill, who loves astrology and is just a brilliant fashion illustrator so we worked together to make our zodiac queens look amazing.

What has the feedback on MYSIGN been like?

KM: “I am really pleased with how the packaging and product look and the feedback on social media has been so lovely and how many girls have said they love their colours.”

MYSIGN by Makeup Revolution Cancer complete eye wheel and lipgloss collection

So what are the products like?

My star sign is right at the end of Cancer, but I was born 4 weeks early so without having any astrological knowledge, I feel like I have some Leo tendencies and am often drawn to Leo-ish things! Strangely enough when I got to the counter, I noticed most of the lipglosses are very pretty nude shades but I’ve drawn to dramatic lip colours so when I saw the chocolate colour I decided to get it as well though I knew it wasn’t my sign. It was in the wrong slot but when I looked at the box it turned out to be Leo!





The MYSIGN Complete Eye Wheel contains a primer, eyebrow powders, a highlighter, 3 eyeshadows and a 2017 horoscope.

MYSIGN Cancer collection swatches on dark skin
left side: with primer right side: without primer
I was surprised how spot on the colours are for me! When I do eyeshadow, I often go for teal or a golden khaki colour! I have fancy pants tastes so wasn’t sure if the products were going to pass muster. Glad to say they passed with flying colours. I was impressed by the butteriness and pigmentation of the eyeshadows. Cheaper shadows can often be quite chalky I find but these applied beautifully. For prolonging wear, the primer really does make a difference too.
MYSIGN makeup review
After using makeup remover. You can see the pigment still there on the side that I’d used primer.

MYSIGN calls the lip products lip gloss but really in my opinion, they’re more liquid lipsticks. The pigmentation is off the charts. It gives full, opaque coverage in one swipe. The applicator shape means that it applies without straying all over the place and it stays where it’s put.

Whether you’re getting your Beyoncé on or don’t give a monkeys about star signs, I think the MYSIGN sets make fab little gifts and stocking fillers, especially taking in to account the quality of the products at such a bargaintastic price.

So what star sign are you?

MYSIGN Complete Eye Wheel, £5, Lipgloss £3.Available in-store at selected Superdrug stores (in Central London, I’ve spotted it in the Marble Arch and Strand branches) and online at, and 



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