Wonderloving: Best Natural and Organic Face Products 2017

It’s Award’s Season so what better time to hand out my own for the best skincare I used last year. These were great, effective products that did what they claimed. made my dry, sensitive skin look and feel great and were a pleasure to use.

All except one of the products are made with all natural and organic ingredients, which shows how effective green beauty formulations can be. All are independent or artisan brands which shows how small can be mighty. All are free of petrochemicals, phthalates, artificial fragrance, artificial colours, parabens, silicones. All are cruelty-free and those suitable for vegans are denoted with a (v). All products were thoroughly tested by me over a long period of time and you will have seen them in my empties posts or on Instagram where I share products I’m currently using.

So without further ado, Ladies and gentlemen, may I present Wonderloving 2017!



  • A’kin Micellar Water (v). This is the first micellar water I’ve ever actually loved using. Delightfully refreshing aroma from coconut water, cucumber and green tea that cleanses without any irritation.  You can read a detailed review of the A’kin micellar water.  wonderloving 2017 - a'kin micellar water


  • Dafna Recovery Cleanser. Heavenly lemongrass scented balm that was a joy to use and had my skin glowing. You can read a detailed review of the Dafna Recovery Cleanser.wonderloving 2017 Dafna Recovery Cleanser
  • La Bella Figura The Clean Slate (v) Originally created as part of La Bella Figura’s bodacious Capsule Collection, this balm cleanser is unlike any I’ve used before. Gorgeous butters and botanicals blended in to a mouthwatering texture like a white chocolate ganache but where this really wows is how clean it leaves the skin. The balm can be wiped off with a cloth or washed off with water and it is one of the very few balm cleansers I’ve come across that really does rinse off totally, leaving no trace behind. Wonderloving 2017 La Bella Figura The Clean Slate
  • NKNaturals Beautiful Healing Balm. This divinely buttery balm gave my face multiple skingasms (yes that is a thing K). Love everything about this cleansing balm from looking at the beautifully spirit lifting yellow colour to how the silky texture caressed the skin and left it feeling soft and nourished, especially over the brutal winter. And bonus points because you can send your empty jar back and get a discount on your next order. Win win for you and the planet. wonderloving 2017 NKNaturals Beautiful Healing Balm


  • Harborist Balm Gel Cleanser (v). Oil gel cleanser made without essential oils that gently but thoroughly whipped off makeup, often in one cleanse, ideal for sensitive skin in need of tenderness.  Read a detailed review of the Harborist Balm Gel cleanser.Harbourist-Balm-Gel-Cleanser-Review
  • Oilixia Australian Kakadu Plum Gummy Facial Cleanser (v). This was the best multipurpose, suitable for day and night cleanser I used in 2017. I can’t think of another cleanser with its unique gummy texture, as well as refreshing eucalyptus scent to blow away the cobwebs that cleansed skin perfectly. And using the pumping action unclogs the pores like nobody’s business. wonderloving 2017 Oilixia Australian Kakadu Plum Gummy Facial Cleanser



  • Mukti Age Defiance Night Serum (v). A bright, yolk coloured serum full of intriguing, indigenous Australian botanicals I haven’t seen on any other ingredients list.  This serum firmed and brightened up my skin fabulously.  From the very first use it just made my skin look all round better and feel super soft the next morning.wonderloving 2017 Mukti Age Defiance Night Serum
  • Neal’s Yard Remedies Frankincense Intense Lift Serum. I’ve fallen madly in love with frankincense and this serum might be to blame.  Firstly it smells divine and it’s so effective, I could actually feel this firming and lifting my skin.wonderloving 2017 Neal's Yard Remedies Frankincense Intense Lift Serum


  • Cacay Naturals 100% Cacay Oil (v). Cacay is the new Amazonian wonder oil with the properties of two of my favourite oils argan and rosehip oil – we’re talking triple the retinol, which means smooth skin action. This oil gave a beautiful radiance to the skin that had strangers stopping to pay me compliments. Head here for a detailed review of Cacay Oil.wonderloving 2017 cacay naturals 100% cacay oil
  • Oilixia Amazonian Cacay Facial Oil (v). Inspired by the Amazon, this oil contains the wonderful cacay alongside a powerhouse of other skin repairing Amazonian oils and botanicals including buruti, brazil nut, acai and Amazonian lily extract. The silky texture sunk in to skin quickly making it my daytime go-to oil for adding glow under makeup.wonderloving 2017 Oilixia Amazonian Cacay Facial Oil
  • TellurideGlow Alpine Pure oil (v).  A blend of 24 rich plant oils and botanicals including Artic cloudberry, arnica, tamanu, seabuckthorn designed to combat the beautiful but brutal Telluride ski resort climate. If it can cope with that then it can certainly cope with London winter which it does wonderfully, hydrating and giving serious glow. Not to mention the incredible uplifting alpine scent.wonderloving 2017 TellurideGlow Alpine Pure oil


  • Bodhi & Birch Desert Rose facial oil (v). I’ve mentioned this oil many a time on my Instagram and as one of my favourite rose products. Desert Rose is a beautiful reformulation of one of Bodhi & Birch’s hero products. A blend of rejuvenating oils with a delightfully rich, rosey scent thanks rose otto, sandalwood and myrrh. I loved nourishing my skin with this at night, leaving me with petal soft, glowing skin in the morning. wonderloving 2017 bodhi and birch desert rose oil
  • Samaya Vata Anti-Ageing Treatment oil (v). Inspired by Ayurveda which I predicted would be a key skincare trend in 2017, this elegant oil is designed for Vata dosha types who typically have dryer, sensitive skin. It was a heavenly blend of botanicals and oils including passionflower, pomegranate, rose, turmeric, ashwagandha, gotu kola, and holy basil. My skin felt nourished and oh so soft.wonderloving 2017 Samaya Vata Treatment Oil
  • Supernatural Beauty Salvation Face Oil  (v) a delectable blend of 17 super nourishing and repairing plant oils that save dry skin including a roll call of some of my absolute faves such as seabuckthorn, baobab, tamanu, rosehip, pomegranate. It contains patchouli which you’ll certainly can’t miss when you give the oil a sniff. Scent aside patchouli is great for wound healing and helps aid sleep. The grounding scent certainly relaxed me and using this lovely oil had my skin glowing. wonderloving 2017 supernaturalbeauty salvation-face-oil


  • Martina Gebhardt Happy Aging Cream. Firstly I love the name and philosophy of this range from the German biodynamic skincare company. Hell yeah to happy aging! Secondly this is a rich, nourishing cream full of skin loving ingredients including olive, avocado and pomegranate oils, cat’s claw and water lily extracts, that felt like it was feeding my face. I very rarely use moisturisers but when I needed to I reached for this.

wonderloving 2017 - martina gebhardt happy aging

  • Verso Night Cream. When I venture off the green beauty path, it’s usually a Scandinavian or scientific range. Super chic Verso ticks both boxes and is not just a pretty face to grace your shelves. All the products feature a patented form of retinol that is formulated to be eight times more effective than standard non prescription retinol dosages but far less irritating. This is the first retinol cream I’ve ever used and it did wonders without irritating my super sensitive skin (I did not go overboard using it, slowly introducing it in to my routine). A little patch of dermatitis on my cheek I’d been dealing with for months was gone like magic within two nights of using the Verso cream leaving super soft, clear skin.  Re-versoing skin ageing indeed. wonderloving 2017 verso night cream


  • Isla Apothecary Refine & Radiate Beautifying mask (v). This Ayurvedic inspired mask is proof that less can be more. Just three ingredients – coconut milk, sandalwood and turmeric leave my skin feeling soothed and smoothed and looking brighter. It also smells like the most delicious turmeric latte ever and I have to resist licking my lips when applying.wonderloving 2017 Isla Apothecary Refine & Radiate Beautifying Mask


  • BYBI Prime Time  (v) this scrumptious scrub meets balm smells like a cross between a tropical cocktail and Opal fruits (Starburst for you youngsters ;). It multitasked as a cleanser turning milky with water and rinsing off cleanly. Made with a mix of physical and natural chemical exfoliants including fruit enzymes and marshmallow root, it buffed skin brilliantly and brought a smile to my face each time I used it.

wonderloving 2017 bybi prime time


wonderloving 2017 vertue box

  • Vertue.  Vertue offers the best curated green beauty box I’ve seen available in the UK. The themed box offers a well thought out selection of beautifully designed, artisan items including beauty as well as wellbeing products. It is a rarity that I discover new brands or love every single product in a beauty box – both of which I did with Vertue. It’s also bi-monthly which means you have the chance to actually use up the products! Watch this video to see what was in the ‘Good Hair’ Vertue box:

Head over to read my pick of 2017 best natural and organic hair and body products. While you’re here check out what made last year’s Wonderloving list.

Any of your favourite products in my list?


  1. OMG. For starters, love the photos. So pretty and atmospherically to the point. Am now very interested in that Mukti serum. I need some brightening to my complexion. Also, am happy that you ended up loving Telluride Glow. It’s really a happiness-inducing product. The smell truly is outstanding, and I love how well it absorbs. It even works as a finishing touch over make-up! X

    1. Thank you! I’m going to do detailed reviews of all these by the end of the month. It’s funny I really struggle writing about products I love because I just want to say – it’s amazeballs full stop lol!

      The Mukti is seriously brightening and texture smoothening too. I’m thinking of trying the Vit C next

      I gave the big bottle to my mum and she was getting compliments from her friends left right and centre so THANK YOU from her too 😘

    2. Awww this is sooo lovely, I’m so glad you both loved it 🤗🤗🤗 *does a little happy dance*

  2. Hi, Thank you for the list of best skincare. Here were some brands that I have never heard of, which is always nice. Also some nice tips about A’kin micellar water, which comes in handy now when summer is coming. I have had the same problems as you with them. And Samaya that has been on my wishlist forever but this summer I will at least my the facial oil.

    1. Thank you for reading! I’ve just restocked on it! Samaya products are so beautifully formulated and effective. The cleanser is also heavenly but didn’t make my list as can’t quite justify the price.

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