Meet the Maker: Sarah Bisset, founder, Love Absolute


If you’ve been hanging out with me over on Instagram, you’ll know that I’m enamoured with newish natural skincare range, Love Absolute. This award-winning, artisan, ecoluxe skincare is made in London with an array of intriguing ingredients, all ethically and sustainably sourced. I thought I’d have a chat with the creator, Sarah Bisset, a holistic healer and Jungian psychotherapist – and a lovely soul to boot, to find out more about how and why the bewitching range came to be.

Tell me a little about your background and why you decided to launch a skincare range?
Sarah: Part of my work is doing body treatments, massages and also running spas at festivals for quite a long time. I also worked at Kids Company (disbanded charity supporting deprived Inner City children) for seven years where we engaged with the children making skincare as they loved making things. I’ve always had the issue of trying to find products that suited me and a broad range of clients without having to have too many products.  It seemed like a natural next step to develop my own products.

Love Absolute is natural skincare that is good for people with sensitive skin or skincare struggles.

Why did you name it Love Absolute?
Sarah: I was born in the ’60s with flower power, summer of love and love is all around so that’s a big part of the inspiration. Cheesy as it sounds, everything in the range is made with love. Absolute means pure and we also use a few absolutes so it seemed to fit.  My family and friends all liked the name too. 

I love the bold branding, who designed it?
Sarah: Thank you it’s a family affair. My brief was Biba-ish (’60s again!) and 1920s British botanical art. It was designed by my son and his girlfriend who did the illustrations.


What do you mean by “nature, science, alchemy?”
Sarah: Nature is to do with the fact we use naturally sourced ingredients; alchemy is the magical edge; science is all the ingredients used are backed by research and scientific studies. 

How do you think your work influences what you create for Love Absolute?
Sarah: I suppose that overall I want to bring things to people that will have a positive impact on their wellbeing. Where possible I look for therapeutic properties in ingredients. In trauma work we know that it’s stuck in body and smells can help release it so I teach mindfulness and tell people to carry essential oils with them. Studies have now shown that saffron can have an effect as an antidepressant, so that’s an interesting ingredient and one that I use in Soulful Spice Mask and Balm. 

Love Absolute skincare ingredients

Love Absolute uses English plant oils that aren’t often seen in English skincare. Why is this and what’s special about them?
Sarah: There are lots of amazing things growing here with a lot of research behind them about their high nutritional values and properties for the skin.  They’re also good sustainability wise, for biodiversity,  support a healthy ecosystem and are bee friendly. The supplier we use is a member of the Bee Friendly Trust. Also being able to trace the supply chain is important. 

How did you decide what products/ingredients to include in the Love Absolute collection?
Sarah: I did my research first of all reviewing all the studies in to which oils are good for the skin from sources including the National Eczema Association.  I then ended up with a particular fatty acid profile and drew up a list of all oils that match that profile. An example is safflower which is very good for eczema prone skin and all skin really, so I can use different oils, but they must have that similar chemical profile. All the oils we use are rich in micronutrients such as polyphenols, antioxidants and carotenoids.   


Talking ingredients, what is your sourcing policy for Love Absolute and are you planning to seek any kind of certification?

Sarah: First of all I decide what the ingredient is that I want to use then we look for the most sustainable option. We look close to home and try to find something that grows in England, sourced as locally as possible, preferably organic.  Also the quality is really importance with a chain of evidence of where it’s come from. Right now we can’t afford to go through the long and expensive Soil Association certification process, but we do use the same principles. We are committed to using the best quality, eco-friendly ingredients available.

Cheap means something or someone is being exploited somewhere.

What has been the biggest challenge and any issues you see in the beauty biz?
Sarah: Marketing and getting your product out there once you’ve made them is a huge challenge for small companies. Also greenwashing and naive products making claims that their products will do things that there is no research to show that it will. The public is potentially mislead, doesn’t know who to trust and all natural products are tarnished. 

I’m sure it’s like picking a favourite child, but which products are you proudest of creating?
Sarah: The cream – it’s really light, absorbs quickly and has so much essential fatty acids from the English wildflower oils that it’s nourishing. It’s a very useful and popular product that I know a lot of people get a lot of pleasure out of using as well as good results.

The Soulful Spice maks and balm which I made recently, I particularly love. I loved it straight away to the extent that I’ve never had this with a product before, where I use then I actually have to have to put it on again. It does have some idiosyncrasies and some people really don’t like it so it’s a bit love hate!

The cleansing balms are nice to use. I have a secret proprietary formula so they rinse off cleanly and don’t clog pores or cause any skin issues. 


What does natural beauty mean to you?
Sarah: when I hear those words I think of someone who’s happy, healthy, confident, and feels good about themselves. Self care makes you happy. It’s an inside concept.

natural beauty - Sarah Bisset, founder, Love Absolute
natural beauty – Sarah Bisset, founder, Love Absolute

Hope you enjoyed learning more about Love Absolute. Come back next week for the low down on the products I’ve tried.

For more info visit  and head over to IGTV for a few more thoughts from Sarah.

  1. It’s great to learn more about the Love Absolute brand. I am currently using one of their serums which came in The Natural Beauty Box and it’s lovely. It would be great to hear your feedback on the Love Absolute products that you’ve tried.

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