Top Tips To Get Glowing Skin from Skincare Maestro Pietro Simone

Winter tends to be hell for my skin so I am always on the hunt for expert tips. I recently had the chance to have a chat with skincare maestro Pietro Simone, founder of a luxury skincare line and London flagship Pietro Simone Skincare Clinic that many of the top beauty editors and celebs turn to. I’ve heard amazing things about his unique treatments so was keen to learn more.

Have a read for his valuable advice on how to get your glow on.

Hi Pietro can you please share a quick intro on yourself for my readers?

Hello beautiful people, I’m Pietro Simone, the founder of Pietro Simone skincare. Who am I? Simply put, I am a human being absolutely in love with beauty and wellbeing.  What I love to do and do best is create skincare products and treatments in order to support, as much as I can, the skin ecosystem.

I know that I’m a bit weird in my approach or maybe some would say I am sometimes too much of a visionary, but my mission is to use the language of beauty in supporting, discovering and helping everyone to a path of global skin. One of my main beliefs is that our skin is the theatre of life- that it acts out all that is connected to our daily lives, be it stress, or imbalances with water or food intake, or even exercise.

Your Italian heritage is a key part of the collection with the intriguing Italian Bella ComplexTM. Why did you choose those particular ingredients?

I travelled all around Italy, in my previous work, from the very north to the very south, and I discovered literally treasures of my Italian heritage. Via culture, handicraft, tradition and secrets of Italy, I delved into ingredients that present in my ‘Italian soul’! I am all about science, so when I discovered these ingredients it was natural to put them together in one special formulation. It was natural for me to choose ingredients that had been known for hundreds of years, and in so many different variations- as I knew this would achieve great results. Hence, Italian Bella Complex came to be, and it is the jewel to all my skincare lines. I have my country and heritage to thank for that!

We often hear of ‘French Girl beauty’ – is there an ‘Italian Girl beauty’ and what are some Italian beauty secrets to share?

To be honest, I’m not aware of ‘Italian Girl Beauty’ because Italy is such a big country with so many different areas, and believe it or not varied too in traditions. Different areas like the north to the south, at least in my experience and knowledge, would approach things in different ways. The only thing that was consistent when it comes to beauty though, throughout every generation is cleansing and hydration.

What regime would you recommend for getting glow back in the winter?

As long as we all understand that skin is the largest organ of our body, which unfortunately sometimes we forget, many actions are required in order to get your glow back.

I would say to start simple, but do everything consistently! Never forget to use cleanser morning and night- it’s fundamental to having a great skin condition and allow for the skin to generate and have a renewal process.

Moisturize and nourish the skin. Hydration and food intake is vitally important, and not just one to skin as both are essential. Use serums that are working deep into the skin, and avoid silicones, mineral oils and categories like these which can provide an instant comfort but not give long term results.

Remember, that even in the winter, the sun is out, even if you don’t see it out, so a good SPF is important to preserve your skin from pigmentation and other related problems. It’s a full strategy to have a real glow on the skin, and although it sounds like a chore, it takes a few days to get into a regime, as a habit. You will be much happier and glad you did, so I encourage you all to do it and persevere!

Which products in the range are particularly suited to tackling hyperpigmentation in darker skin tones?

Dewy reboot (a serum), in my FIERCE range, has the most innovative stable form of Vit C, which allows the ingredients to be absorbed deeply and fully.

The FIERCE Infusion (a moisturizer) is in charge to rebuild your skin barrier.  I’ve noticed in the last few years, not many people are really concerned about this issue- yet is a super important part to a healthy epidermis.

The Imperfection Diminisher or the Diminisher ++ are my pride and joy because I used a formulation of Azelaic and Salicylic acid that when combined together achieve great results in attacking hyperpigmentation. Use regularly as it’s a must ‘to do’ step weekly or every 8/10 days for fab results!

I read that you have a 360 lifestyle approach to skincare. Can you please share any non product tips for glowing skin?

Drink water is my No.1: hydration is incredibly important especially because of the amount of tea, coffee and cappuccinos we drink. Why? Because these drinks are diuretic.

I use herbs and tinctures in order to keep up a good detox system in my body and mind. I also practice qui gong, and bamboo tapping in order to keep my lymph system up and running.

I also try to educate myself about food- which means being a bit more analytical about what I put into my body.

Smile and find yourself is probably my best advice. Let yourself be free from the past, change uncomfortable feelings, do not have guilt or sadness but instead have awareness. To be aware is better because that allows you to learn from the past and helps you move into a brighter future.

I believe that looking good should also mean doing good for the planet. Can you share what measures you take for the range to be eco-friendly?

My approach on the FIERCE collection is all about sustainability from its packaging to the ingredients that go into each product. I meticulously choose all materials and I got rid of many extra steps that would make significant impacts on the planet. I am lucky to work with a logistics company who are also sensitive to the environmental problems within our industry. I believe that always there can be more action taken in beauty with any step to a brand or product- I see it as an evolution that all brands should continue- as I am doing.

What does ‘clean beauty’ mean to you?

To me, ‘clean beauty’ is to be able to offer formulations that don’t use anything unnecessary or that is potentially harmful to the consumer. Do we really know what the long term effects are of certain products we use on ourselves? It’s debatable as there could be chemical ingredients that don’t ever lead to problems, but why take the risk? My take is that it is better to use something safer and greener. My position is to give people something that gives results but that is safer, cleaner- a performing formulation all around. I want to repeat that ‘Skin is the Theatre of Life’, and that this can only be true if I follow through my mission in providing performing, respectful, ethical and easy to understand and use skincare products.

What is your absolute favourite desert island product in the range?

No doubt, for me is the Fierce Infusion. I mean I would have to have at least chosen or listed another 4 products! But you didn’t give me the chance!

Can you share any well-known clients?

Duncan James, Lisa Snowdon, Anastacia, Lorraine Kelly, Fearne Cotton, Alex Steinherr, Kailand Morris, and many more but I can’t say…

Some fab advice there from Pietro. Let me know which tips you found most useful. I will be popping in to the London flagship Pietro Simone clinic for a signature treatment and can’t wait to report back.

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