Tomoaki Suzuki - Summer Exhibition RA

Summer Exhibition 2017, Royal Academy of Arts

Beauty and wellbeing are a whole body, mind and soul thing as far as I’m concerned. No point slathering on the skincare if you’re not nourishing your mind too. Feeling inspired makes the skin glow and eyes sparkle. Art should be part of your beauty routine! As summer draws to an end (sob sob), it’s the last weekend to catch the Summer Exhibition at the … Continue reading Summer Exhibition 2017, Royal Academy of Arts

Watch: Beautiful Underwater Ballet

I recently wrote about the luxury tea company, Kusmi’s new BB detox tea. Their new cinema advert featuring underwater ballet is really rather breathtaking. Quite rare for an advert to also be a thing of beauty. Just perfect to watch on a lovely spring day. Kusmi Tea “La beauté des mélanges” (The beauty of blends)  Each dance represents one of the Kusmi tea blends. Watch and … Continue reading Watch: Beautiful Underwater Ballet

centre: Ira Mandela Siobhan (Dancing Elegbara). Seated left-right: Noma Dumezweni (Yemaya), Michelle Asante (Oya) and Naana Agyei-Ampadu (Oshun)

London Theatre to Watch Now: Feast at the Young Vic

There’s a great production called Feast currently on at the Young Vic. Yoruba mythology in Nigeria is the starting point of the show, which then weaves a path through the diaspora showing how Yoruba traditions travelled and adapted across time and continents via the Atlantic slave trade to the present day. All packed into a 90-minute multi-media extravaganza of song, dance and a live chicken! It’s a … Continue reading London Theatre to Watch Now: Feast at the Young Vic

Incredible Colour ‘Photograph’ of Van Gogh

Take a look at this ‘photo’ of Vincent Van Gogh. Incredible isn’t it?  The artwork ‘Revealing The Truth’ was created by Lithuanian photographer, Tadas Cerniauskas, using one of  Van Gogh’s self-portraits, a red headed friend and a touch of digital wizardry  to imagine how the artist might have looked. Here’s a link to a video with behind the scenes of how he did it. What … Continue reading Incredible Colour ‘Photograph’ of Van Gogh

Food Art: A Mouthwatering Matter of Taste

Now we all know how fashionable food is right now so handbags, shoes, jewellery….all made from food…. win win no? These inspired creations are by Fulvio Bonavia, an award-winning Italian photographer known for using inventive imagery. They were hand crafted by him using real produce for the book A Matter of Taste, fusing couture with cuisine, suitable for foodies and fashionistas alike. “It’s a different point of … Continue reading Food Art: A Mouthwatering Matter of Taste

Gift Idea: Paper Passion Perfume

I  am a complete sucker for creative packaging so love this. Called Paper Passion, the perfume is designed to evoke the smell of freshly printed books and the bottle comes stored in a real book hollowed out with a selection of short essays on the pleasures of paper at the front. It’s a collaboration between avant-garder perfumer, Geza Schoen (the nose behind Molecule 01), publisher … Continue reading Gift Idea: Paper Passion Perfume

WANT! New Book: Paris versus New York

These beautifully designed, witty and chic illustrations are fab and would make a lovely gift.  Created by French graphic artist Vahram Muratyan, the images were originally published on his acclaimed blog, Paris Versus New York. The blog turned book was started when he first moved to New York and was feeling homesick.  In a recent interview he said: “Cities are just like people. Sometimes you’re glad … Continue reading WANT! New Book: Paris versus New York

J’Adore Dior: Flower Power – House of One Million Flowers

I was recently blown away by a wall made of 2,500 roses and hadn’t seen anything like it before.  Well it appears I ain’t seen nothing yet.  Earlier this year, Paris’ poshest florist, Eric Chauvin, created floral walls with ONE MILLION fresh flowers for an incredible, show-stopping set to showcase Dior’s Autumn 2012 collection. It took 150 people, four days, to prepare the installation featuring … Continue reading J’Adore Dior: Flower Power – House of One Million Flowers