Hot buttered rum with coconut oil

Winter Warmer: Hot Coconut Buttered Rum – Yum! (vegan, dairy-free)

When the weather outside is frightful. Drinking hot buttered rum is most delightful. Let it snow. Let it snow. Let it snow! Hurrah we’ve finally got proper snow in London. I know it’s causing disruptions left, right and centre but snow is just so magical! I don’t know if people who’ve seen snow their whole […]

Recipe: Chocolate, Carrot & Clementine Cake (delicious dairy-free)

Chocolate and orange just scream Christmas and winter don’t they.  Since I was on cake duty for the family over the holidays, when I received a sample of the special festive edition Chocolate Orange Coyo (vegan coconut yoghurt), I knew I’d be putting it to use in some confection or other. Half my family are lactose intolerant […]

Recipe: Scrumptious Strawberry & Pistachio Cupcakes (gluten-free, wheat-free, dairy-free)

This delicious recipe came about because I wanted to bake something for a friend who is currently on the Dukan Diet so essentially not doing carbs. My mission was to make a virtually carb-free cake that would be tasty despite no flour or sugar, that anyone could eat and not feel deprived. I generally cook with […]

Recipe: Bloggers Scream For Ice Cream: Goat, Beetroot and Blackberry Ice Cream

This month’s theme set by Kavey for the  Bloggers Scream For Ice Cream challenge is “savoury”. As I have become obsessed with beetroot after a lifetime of spurning the burgundy vegetable and have been trying it every way possible, I thought why not in ice cream.  My recipe is for goat (well goat milk!), beetroot and blackberry […]

New London Restaurant: 42°Raw ~ Please Sir Can I Have Some Raw?

Is raw food a bonafide thing now in London? I ask because The Royal Academy’s newish restaurant, called 42° Raw, has an entirely raw food, vegan menu with no sugar, gluten or dairy. Oh and nothing cooked over 42°C. That seems pretty bold or do they just know their clientele really well?….Vogue House is just […]

Great Cocktails in London: Cocktail O’Clock

It was London Cocktail Week recently which made me realise how much I personally would prefer a London Cocktail Life. Oh well you can’t have everything. In any case, here’s a selection of the best concoctions I’ve imbibed recently. What: Blue Rinse (blue curacao, tequila, lavender and lemon juice) Why: Er it’s blue! (seriously the […]

Recipe: 30-Second Strawberry and Pink Peppercorn Ice-cream (Vegan, dairy-free)

My name is Lynda and I’m an Icecreamaholic. I think people who only eat ice cream in the summer are frankly amateurs. When giving directions, my landmarks are often gelaterias. I’ve been known to have it for breakfast. So when Kavey tweeted a pinterest board full of ice cream yesterday, I was practically licking the […]