#100LippyDays 50 day update!

Woohoo 50 days in to #100lippydays! Above are all the lip products I’ve worn so far. And below are the new Lipstick Lessons I’ve learned: Hot pink lipstick suits me. I’ve never ever worn pink lipstick (or indeed pink anything) and would never have thought of wearing hot pink if it wasn’t in my Sleek lipstick palette. I then found an OCC lip tar I’d been given … Continue reading #100LippyDays 50 day update!

#100LippyDays 100 Days Of Lippiness!

I feel really fortunate that I do now (it took a while) appreciate the little things in life. I generally can find something to be happy about most days, even if it’s just managing to get my tights on the right way round first time (high 5s all round).  I therefore think the 100 Happy Days movement asking people to find a happy moment each day for … Continue reading #100LippyDays 100 Days Of Lippiness!