Dervishly Delicious Cocoa Hernando Damascan Rose Chocolate

Cocoa Hernando make gourmet chocolate bars inspired by their globetrotting travels. The latest flavour in the range is Syria, a rose dark chocolate. I’m a rose fiend so when I heard about this new bar I had to try it. The tale behind this bar is a visit to Damascus where a confectionery stall holder was […]

Japanese kit kat

Forget Peanut Butter Kit Kat – How About Wasabi? Strawberry Cheesecake? Blueberry? Green Tea?

Yes I seem to be turning into the weird chocolate girl. Can’t help myself, I see unusual things and get all excited and want to taste. It turns out that here in the UK we’ve been fobbed off with chunky Kit Kat in peanut butter and mint as in Japan they have had up to […]

Cocomaya Mumbai chocolate bar

Around The World in Chocolate Bars – Liquorice & Hemp or Curry Chocolate anyone?

I spotted these in the chocolate room at Liberty. Are they not the most delightfully packaged chocolate bars? I love the vintage postcard design and theme of this limited edition collection from chocolatiers Cocomaya. The set of ‘Around the world’ chocolate bars have flavours inspired by various cities to let your tastebuds travel via the medium of chocolate. […]