Wonderloving: Ellis Faas Makeup

The products i use the most barely get a mention here so I’m remedying that with the Wonderloving series. Next up for the Wonderloving treatment is ELLIS FAAS.  I’ve previously mentioned the concealer, which is my favourite ever, in What’s In My Make-up Bag. It was love at first sight when I set eyes on the ELLIS FAAS makeup collection. Founded by Ellis Faas, a Dutch makeup … Continue reading Wonderloving: Ellis Faas Makeup

OKUN: Africa Inspired Beachwear

Wandering through Covent Garden recently, my eye was caught by a new store setting up with fabulous yellow print wallpaper and the name OKUN, which I knew was a Yoruba word. Intrigued I popped in to find out more. ÒKUN (which means ocean) is a new London-based, Nigerian owned fashion brand producing male beachwear. The original designs are inspired by African prints such as Congolese Kuba, Ghanian Adinkra, … Continue reading OKUN: Africa Inspired Beachwear

Diana Ross, THE Style Boss: Peter Jensen

Diana Ross is THE ultimate diva in my eyes. I first really became aware of her when Chain Reaction came out, before that I just thought of her as Michael Jackson’s ‘aunty’.  Travesty I know. In any case I swiftly educated myself in the stunning stylish ways of Diana. You can’t think of Diana Ross without thinking of the amazing looks she pulled. She continues to be a style … Continue reading Diana Ross, THE Style Boss: Peter Jensen

London Afternoon Tea Wonderland: Mad Hatter’s Tea Party At Sanderson, London

Not being a tea drinker (team coffee), fan of dead flies (raisins) in scones or noxious egg sandwiches, for a long time I was not keen on the traditional afternoon tea.  However as they’ve evolved the more I’ve begun to appreciate their charms. There is something very decadent about taking a couple of hours during the day to eat cake and sip tea that really gets … Continue reading London Afternoon Tea Wonderland: Mad Hatter’s Tea Party At Sanderson, London

Wonder of The Print World: Taj Mahal

Prints just lift the spirits so. Recently I met someone wearing the delightful orange and zebra print below, by young designer, Charlotte Taylor.  Her bold , fun designs paired with elegant silhouettes always bring a smile to my face. The current collection was inspired by a trip to Rajasthan last year and features traditional Indian techniques and fabrics with icons such as peacocks, sacred cows … Continue reading Wonder of The Print World: Taj Mahal

Hairmazing Hair Sculpture

I have just been to the hairdressers for a trim. I would love to see  my hairdresser’s face if i’d whipped these pics out and said I want “something like this”. These amazing creations and hair sculptures are part of the Tressé Agoche collection, by Haitian-American designer Joanne Petit-Frére. See more of her work at http://www.tresse-agoche.com Continue reading Hairmazing Hair Sculpture