The Real Flower Company review

Stop and Smell The Flowers…from The Real Flower Company

Stop and smell the flowers. Sadly walk into most florists and this isn’t actually possible. Have you noticed that most bunches of flowers have no smell? We instinctively lean in and sniff but are left disappointed. Most commercially grown flowers have had the scent gene removed so they look pretty and last longer but have […]

mother's day flowers in a teacup

Mother’s Day Gift Idea: Time for a cuppa……flowers

Flowers and tea are two things that lift the spirits. Combine the two….kinda….and you get flowers in a teacup. I received this thoughtful gift and thought they’d be great for Mother’s Day for a twist on the traditional bunch of flowers. The white bone china teacup and saucer filled with a posy, arrives with a […]

J’Adore Dior: Flower Power – House of One Million Flowers

I was recently blown away by a wall made of 2,500 roses and hadn’t seen anything like it before.  Well it appears I ain’t seen nothing yet.  Earlier this year, Paris’ poshest florist, Eric Chauvin, created floral walls with ONE MILLION fresh flowers for an incredible, show-stopping set to showcase Dior’s Autumn 2012 collection. It […]