Elan Skincare review

Elan Skincare Dream and Wonder Serums Review

Howdi? Hope you’ve had a marvellous summer. As you know I’m all about unearthing the best small and mighty natural skincare brands, and if they’re made in London, ever better! Today I’m sharing one of my latest finds Elan Skincare. The founder Joanna’s background is almost 10 years in product development for the medical sector, before deciding to launch the range in 2017. ELAN SKINCARE … Continue reading Elan Skincare Dream and Wonder Serums Review

LoveLula beauty box

Organic September: LoveLula Beauty Box

Beauty boxes are all the rage but ones with natural and organic products are harder to find here in the UK.  In the USA they seem to be spoilt for choice.  I’ve subscribed to a few but they end up being rather pricey when you factor in the shipping and taxes which often costs more than the box! I’ve recently discovered the LoveLula beauty box from … Continue reading Organic September: LoveLula Beauty Box

Wonderloving: March Beauty Faves

Here’s a speedy snapshot of the marvellous beauty products that have pleased me greatly recently. Sarah Chapman Skinesis Ultimate Cleanse Why? I’ve had this in my cleanser closet – it’s one of those cleansers that make me sigh with contentment whenever I use it. Great as a balm as well as a wash-off cleanser. Bodhi Mint Thé Shower Gel Why? One sniff and I feel like singing “wake up … Continue reading Wonderloving: March Beauty Faves