Mai Couture Blush Papier booklet

Beauty News: Mai Couture Glow-Geous Trio – Makeup in Booklet Form!

Well isn’t this a clever idea? Makeup in paper form! We’re used to blotting paper sheets but how about blusher, bronzer and even foundation? I get very excited about innovative new beauty products so of course when I learnt about Mai Couture makeup I had to put it to the test. MAI COUTURE GLOW-GEOUS TRIO SWATCHED I got the Mai Couture Glow-geous booklet which contains 20 sheets each of Sin … Continue reading Beauty News: Mai Couture Glow-Geous Trio – Makeup in Booklet Form!

The Write Stuff: Esme Winter

I love stationery and I love patterny prints so it was lust at first sight when I spotted these cards and notebooks by London-based design company Esme Winter. The team seem very particular about creating a quality product and work with British craftsmen using recycled and responsibly sourced materials. They say this about themselves: “Together with Richard Sanderson, Esme Winter produces items that reflect the innate … Continue reading The Write Stuff: Esme Winter

Midori zipper envelope

You’ve Got (Hand-Written) Mail?

The last telegram was sent last weekend in India which despite the fact that I have never actually sent, received or seen a “real life” telegram has made me extremely nostalgic for  the old ways of communication. I can’t remember when I last wrote a non-business related, hand-written letter or received one – we’re talking years. Snail mail now means bills and junk. Before hand letter … Continue reading You’ve Got (Hand-Written) Mail?