Incredible Colour ‘Photograph’ of Van Gogh

Take a look at this ‘photo’ of Vincent Van Gogh. Incredible isn’t it?  The artwork ‘Revealing The Truth’ was created by Lithuanian photographer, Tadas Cerniauskas, using one of  Van Gogh’s self-portraits, a red headed friend and a touch of digital wizardry  to imagine how the artist might have looked. Here’s a link to a video […]

Food Art: A Mouthwatering Matter of Taste

Now we all know how fashionable food is right now so handbags, shoes, jewellery….all made from food…. win win no? These inspired creations are by Fulvio Bonavia, an award-winning Italian photographer known for using inventive imagery. They were hand crafted by him using real produce for the book A Matter of Taste, fusing couture with cuisine, suitable […]