Recipe: Mojito Ice Lollies

After tasting that very disappointing Solero Mojito, I figured I could come up with something better so I did! RECIPE: MOJITO ICE LOLLIES  INGREDIENTS for 4 ice lollies: 4 limes 1 cup of water 1 tablespoon of coconut sugar (or demerara sugar) 1 tablespoon of dark rum (optional) Handful of fresh mint For topping – splash of dark rum/lime juice/water and sprinkle of coconut sugar/demerara sugar INSTRUCTIONS: Place the water and … Continue reading Recipe: Mojito Ice Lollies

Hot buttered rum with coconut oil

Winter Warmer: Hot Coconut Buttered Rum – Yum! (vegan, dairy-free)

When the weather outside is frightful. Drinking hot buttered rum is most delightful. Let it snow. Let it snow. Let it snow! Hurrah we’ve finally got proper snow in London. I know it’s causing disruptions left, right and centre but snow is just so magical! I don’t know if people who’ve seen snow their whole life feel the same but my heart leaps at the … Continue reading Winter Warmer: Hot Coconut Buttered Rum – Yum! (vegan, dairy-free)