#100LippyDays and Spending Ban Update

Well I’ve managed to get through the whole of July without one single beauty purchase. Big pat on the back to me. Seriously it’s a big achievement not to have sneaked a teeny little purchase in. I’m enjoying rediscovering prior purchases and my consumer lust is abating so the spending ban is working. On the #100lippydays front I’ve managed to use a different lip product from my … Continue reading #100LippyDays and Spending Ban Update

#100LippyDays 100 Days Of Lippiness!

I feel really fortunate that I do now (it took a while) appreciate the little things in life. I generally can find something to be happy about most days, even if it’s just managing to get my tights on the right way round first time (high 5s all round).  I therefore think the 100 Happy Days movement asking people to find a happy moment each day for … Continue reading #100LippyDays 100 Days Of Lippiness!