Return of the Cleansaholic. Cleanser Closet #2

As you know my name is Wonderlusting and I’m a cleansaholic. I’ve dished on my cleanser closet  and my cleanser wish list so thought I would do an update. I generally have one cream cleanser, one cleansing oil and one cleansing balm on the go at a time.  Below is what I’m currently using or is in my stash to be used:  AFYNA purifying cream cleanser: This is … Continue reading Return of the Cleansaholic. Cleanser Closet #2

Wonderlusting Wish List: Cleansers

As I’ve mentioned before I have a cleanser problem. Cleansers are my favourite skincare purchase (closely followed by oils) and I always have a stash that I’m working my way through.  I’ve somehow managed to acquire a few more since that last post. However my cleansaholicism is so raging that there is always a long list of cleansers that I’m lusting after. Below is the my … Continue reading Wonderlusting Wish List: Cleansers