Lamazuna zero waste toothpaste review

Zero Waste Lamazuna Solid Toothpaste Review (vegan friendly)

  If you’re taking part in Plastic Free July to reduce your plastic use, one of the unexpected places to look is at your toothpaste. Yes toothpaste is another one of those hidden places that pesky plastic manages to lurk – not just the packaging but in the actual toothpaste too. Plastic microbeads are found […]

Wonderlusting Kitchen ~ Head Over For Plant Based, Veganuary Recipe Inspo

If you’re flexitarian, vegetarian, vegan or whatever just looking to switch things up and eat more plant based meals do check out and follow my Wonderlusting Kitchen Instagram page. It’s where I share the tastebud tantalising, nourishing, joyful food that I like to create and cook. When I cook I don’t actually label my ‘diet’, […]