Wonderlusting Wish List: Cleansers

As I’ve mentioned before I have a cleanser problem. Cleansers are my favourite skincare purchase (closely followed by oils) and I always have a stash that I’m working my way through.  I’ve somehow managed to acquire a few more since that last post. However my cleansaholicism is so raging that there is always a long list of cleansers that I’m lusting after. Below is the my … Continue reading Wonderlusting Wish List: Cleansers

Breathtaking: Dreamy Flower Tunnel in Japan

  How breathtaking are the Kawachi Fuji Gardens in Japan? I think I might cry at the beauty if I were to see this in real life. Mid-April to Mid-May is generally when the wisteria is in bloom and there is an annual wisteria festival at the same time as the more famous cherry blossom. Another place to add to the list. More stunning pictures … Continue reading Breathtaking: Dreamy Flower Tunnel in Japan