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That’s me giving top tips on travel packing in the UK’s most read lifestyle magazine.

Life. Style. Wonder. Stuff. This blog is about products and places that inspire wonder and lust.

Filled with wanderlust and boundless curiosity, I’ve travelled extensively and have been fortunate enough to work, rest or play on five continents.  London is home (you can read how I feel about my beloved city here).  I’ll be sharing whatever tickles my fancy. Stuff I adore, find interesting or inspiring. On the beauty front that tends to be natural and organic or artisan in beautiful packaging.

I’ve always loved eating, god I luuurve eating, but in the past year or so I’ve also discovered how much I enjoy cooking too. Preferably from scratch and am all about the scrumptious, delicious, mouthwatering and nutritious for body and soul. I love experimenting, discovering new foods in my recipes and am Queen of the Secret Ingredient! I get a bit giddy about fresh fruit and veg but keep my drooling over here 

Feel free to get in touch. Either drop me a comment, e: lynda (at) wonderlusting (dot) co (dot) uk or follow me on twitter or peek into my world on instagram.

Thanks for stopping by.

Love, peace and hairgrease (preferably cold-pressed, organic coconut).

Blog Disclosure Policy

I have purchased the majority of items I review (hence the need for a spending ban). If it is a sample I have received for review it is marked with an * and mentioned in the post.

I love hearing about new and innovative products as well as oldies but goodies that might have slipped my radar.  Please contact me via email or by using the form below:


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