WANT! New Book: Paris versus New York

Paris v New York complete series of two citiesThese beautifully designed, witty and chic illustrations are fab and would make a lovely gift.  Created by French graphic artist Vahram Muratyan, the images were originally published on his acclaimed blog, Paris Versus New York. The blog turned book was started when he first moved to New York and was feeling homesick.  In a recent interview he said:

“Cities are just like people. Sometimes you’re glad to meet again. Sometimes you wonder why the hell you are together.”

So true! You know how I feel about London right?

Paris versus New York: The Complete Series of Two Cities, with a complete set of all the illustrations including 30 brand-new ones, is due to be published in the UK on 27 December 2012. You can order it online now but the earliest delivery I can find is after Christmas. You bet it’s on my wish list.

So Paris or New York, which gets your vote?

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