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World’s Best Department Store, Selfridges Showcases Nigerian Fashion

Ndani SelfridgesWhen I heard about Ndani, a Nigerian fashion pop-up at Selfridges, I was keen to check it out because  A) I practically live in Selfridges  B) I don’t recall ever seeing any African country in the style spotlight to a mainstream audience C) It’s just lovely to see something different. The “tribal” trend is a perennial fashion favourite but very rarely (ever?) is there any focus on the source of inspiration or African designers. 

The pop-up boutique, located on the second floor, runs until 2 January 2013. It features a selection of colourful pieces from five leading Nigerian designers, as well as some emerging talent, recently on display at Lagos Fashion and Design Week. A pop of colour is definitely good for the soul during the dreary winter.

Judd Crane, Director of Womenswear at Selfridges said “We are very excited by the prospect of being the first department store in the world to give a proper showcase to some of the best fashion designers in Nigeria. We were won over by the talent we found there and are delighted to be able to help the Nigerian fashion industry to be further exposed to an international clientele.”

Ndani is definitely a showcase rather than a commercial proposition. I think in the summer, the outfits would have been flying off the shelves.

List of designers:

Agu Anumudu
DOT Handbags 
Eki Orleans
House of Silk
Ituen Basi
Jewel By Lisa
Odio Mimonet
Tiffany Amber

Oh and “ndani” means “inside” in Swahili I’ve just learnt. The project is part of a multifaceted campaign by GT Bank showcasing different aspects of Africa beyond the usual stereotypes.

Ndani, 2nd Floor Womenswear, Selfridges until 2 January 2013.

Interested in more African fashion? Read about London-based Nigerian designer, Duro Olowu’s forthcoming masstige collaboration with US retailer JC Penney here.

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