Beauty News: Brand New Moroccanoil Body Products Coming Soon

It’s not fair, why does the USA always gets all the exciting beauty products before we do here in UK (stomps off, slams door, comes back, sits down in huff). During my recent trip to Los Angeles I spotted lots of goodies which I’ll be sharing. First up – did you know that Moroccanoil have launched a whole body collection? I saw these babies in funky LA boutique Kitson (reminded me of a slightly more upscale Urban Outfitters).

Moroccanoil_skincare _KitsonLA

A bit of hard-core investigation (otherwise known as Googling) tells me the range includes the following items:


If the Moroccanoil body products are anything as effective as the hair ones I’ll be slathering myself in it, since I’m yet to find a suitable replacement for my discontinued winter wonder Kiehls Imperial Balm.

I’ve heard from a reliable source that the Moroccanoil body collection will be winging its way to our shores in due course. Hurry up please!

Anyone tried the products – what were they like?

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