Beauty News: Checking Out Marc Jacobs Beauty

Marc Jacobs Beauty, the first beauty collection from designer Marc Jacobs, launched to huge fanfare stateside last year. It’s available exclusively at selected Marc Jacob stores in the USA and inshore and online at Sephora. I have heard rumours that it will be coming to the UK this year so fingers crossed. On my last trip to the USA, it was one the brands I was desperate to cast my peeps over.

First impressions were that the packaging, by graphic design company Established, is light in the hand but gorgeous.  Black laquer and silver, curved lines, elegant, with detailed clasps – lovely handbag flaunt appeal. It is a comprehensive range including complexion, lip, eye and nail products as well as brushes.

Marc Jacobs beauty Marc Jacobs beauty

The collection is all very fun and playful divided up into four categories:

  1. SMART COMPLEXION – this looked like the most innovative and includes a powder containing seaweed and gel foundation containing coconut water. I was very intrigued by the sound of the foundation and got a sample which I’ll report back on.

    Marc Jacobs Beauty Genius Gel
    Marc Jacobs Beauty Genius Gel
  2. COLOR-FUL:  a comprehensive colour collection including lips, nails,eyeshadows,blusher all named with a nod and wink to celebrity icons

    Marc Jacobs Beauty eyeshadow palettes
    Marc Jacobs Beauty – Top: The Starlet eyeshadow palette
    Bottom: The Vamp eyeshadow palette
  3. BLAQUER:  eyelinerandmascara

    Marc Jacobs Beauty Magic Marc'er Blacquer eyeliner
    Magic Marc’er Precision Pen
  4. BOY TESTED. GIRL APPROVED:unisex products -eyebrowgroomer, lip balmandconcealer.

    Marc Jacobs Beauty Lip Lock Moisture Balm
    Marc Jacobs Beauty Lip Lock Moisture Balm

Marc Jacobs said “I personally tested the products. Witness my brow. And my luscious lips”

Now weirdly though I loved the packaging, I didn’t fall head over heels with the products as I thought I would.  The quality, pigment and textures of everything I tried were fantastic but the colours were just not calling me. The eyeshadows felt very smooth and blended like a dream but I very rarely wear eyeshadow and they only come in palettes.  Normally the gorgeous packaging would have been enough to sway me but I’m trying to use up my existing makeup stash and not buy new things unless I completely adore them. Nothing here quite made my heart sing and the prices are that little bit too high to be an impulse buy.

Check out the full Marc Jacobs Beauty range for yourself at

Have you tried or seen the Marc Jacobs Beauty collection? What did you think?


Hurrah. Marc Jacobs Beauty has crossed the bond and is now available in a the Marc Jacobs Collection London store:

Marc Jacobs Collection, 24-25 Mount Street, Mayfair, London W1K 2RR

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