Beauty News: Kusmi BB Detox Tea – the World’s First BB Tea?!

The last year or so BB creams (closely followed by CC and DD sure eventually we’ll have ZZ) have been big news in the beauty world. These all encompassing Beauty Balms/Blemish Balms claim to provide everything from moisturiser to treatment to base all in one product. I personally haven’t jumped on the BB bandwagon as yet as I haven’t found one suitable and they seem to be Jack of All Trades Master of None.

Apart from the alphabet creams, BB has been expanding into other kinds of products. Earlier this year, Pantene launched a BB cream for hair:

Pantene BB creme

pantene bb creme

Boots have No7 BB Lips

No7 BB Lips Beauty Balm SPF 15

No7 BB Lips

And recently I spotted this:


Kusmi BB Tea

Kusmi Tea has launched the first BB tea which apparently will improve your skin’s appearance. The tea contains a combination of maté and green tea to boost toxin removal along with dandelion, rooibos and grapefruit which are considered beneficial for the skin.  I’m sure the tea is quite lovely but haven’t they simply rebranded their detox tea as a BB tea? Bravo Kusmi for sterling marketing efforts. In the same way I feel a lot of companies have simply rebranded their tinted moisturisers as BB cream. The overwhelming sense I have about BB creams as sold in Europe (the original Asian BB creams seem to be quite different) is that they are ALL about the marketing Emperor’s New Cloth’s style rather than an actual new product.

Are you sold on BB creams?

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