Chop'd sesame, salmon & orange salad

Wonderlunching at Chop’d: new summer menu

I was recently invited to the launch of Chop’d’s (grammatically correct but unsightly I know) new summer menu, which is in stores next week. I had the chance to meet Eddie Holmes, the founder of Chop’d as well as some of the suppliers to the restaurant’s food chain and learn more about the company’s food philosophy.

Eddie Holmes, founder of Chop'd
Eddie Holmes, founder of Chop’d

Chop’d has nine stores in London and is coming up to its 10th anniversary.  Eddie mentioned that he was committed to working with small independent companies and various suppliers have been on board since day one. He seems very passionate about the provenance of the ingredients used and producing meals with no weird additives, just like you would do at home. For instance all the chicken is picked off the bone by hand; the tofu comes from Clean Bean in Brick Lane and the salmon comes from H. Forman & Son, the oldest fish smokehouse in the UK.

They use mainly locally sourced produce to produce mouthwatering food with global influences.  The whole summer menu looked great. These were my favourite dishes:

Thai Tofu Salad

This salad had me making When Harry Met Sally moaning sounds. Crunchy cashew,  fresh herbs, firm fresh tofu wrapped up with a chilli kick – we’re talking multiple foodgasm.

Chop'd Thai Tofu Salad
Chop’d Thai Tofu Salad

Sesame Salmon and Orange Salad

Nothings says summer like fruit and seafood in salads and citrus and sesame is one of my favourite dressing combinations.

Chop'd sesame, salmon & orange salad
Chop’d sesame, salmon & orange salad

There’s also a delicious Crayfish, Samphire and Jersey Royal Potato Salad which I was too busy enjoying to take a picture of. Trust me it’s good – crayfish, wild salmon, keta caviar and samphire from the Norfolk coast. And not dominated by the dressing which usually turns me off potato salads. 

I don’t calorie count but for those that do everything is labelled with full nutritional details with most dishes come in at well under 400 calories.

The food at Chop’d is very much like what I would make at home – rainbow colours, whole foods bursting with nutrients and packed full of flavour so when out and about it’s completely up my street for lunch.

This is all very glowing but what can I say? Fresh quality produce resulting in healthy, tasty food. What’s not to like?

Here’s all the salads on the Chop’d summer menu:

Chop'd Summer Salads

For more information and to find your nearest store visit:


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