Travel: Spa-ahing At Kukana Spa at Orsett Hall

My sister has recently become an Essex girl. For my birthday she decided to treat me to a spa visit in her neck of the woods. And so I found myself in the swanky surroundings of Kukana Spa at Orsett Hall, in the middle of the scenic Essex countryside.

Kukana Spa is located in the basement of Orsett Hall, a modern four-star hotel set on acres of prettily pruned gardens that smacks of Footballer’s Wives, in a good way.

Orsett Hall boasts the longest chandelier in England apparently
Orsett Hall boasts the longest chandelier in England apparently
Bit Posh and Becks throne
Orsett Hall hallway, bit Posh and Becks throne


On arrival we were lead to the relaxation room, situated by the reception desk. To me the ‘relaxation room’ was more of a reception seating area – it was a small alcove-like space with four seats, skincare displays and drinks. I was there for the treatments not general lounging so that didn’t bother me. However if you are someone who likes to chill out pre or post treatment do take that into account that there are no additional facilities – it’s all about the treatments.

Kukana Spa relaxation room
Kukana Spa relaxation room

Kukana Spa uses ESPA products and I was reminded of how lovely their products are – well formulated with glorious fragrances. Because they are a spa range that I rarely see in retail locations they somehow slip off my radar. I had a quick play with some skincare items in the relaxation room and I definitely want to explore ESPA more.

ESPA skincare
ESPA skincare

Now onto the treatment rooms. These were fab and amongst the best I’ve been in. Spacious, serene, and well appointed. I loved that they had showers inside meaning there was no need to do that room shuffle, getting dressed and undressed which sometimes can kill the blissed out spa vibe.

kukana-spa-treatment-room-decor   Kukana_spa_treatment_room


Putting the treat into treatment, I had the following two:

ESPA Skin Hydrator Body Wrap Kukana_Spa-ESPA-skin-hydrator-body-wrap

I tend to prefer spa treatments that I can’t do myself. Slathering and wrapping myself up in foil like a basting turkey for instance – so this was ideal! I did feel like an Egyptian mummy for about 30 minutes whilst left for the oils to sink in. It left my dry skin feeling very hydrated.

ESPA Essential Massage

Kukana Spa ESPA Essential Massage

I’m not sure what the sensory test is. My consultation simply consisted of the therapist asking me which oil I wanted to use. I went for the DE-STRESSER and was suitably de-stressed at the end.

I love towel heaters - want one at home!
I love towel heaters – want one at home!

Just remembering the two hours of pampering as I write this now is making me exhale.

Kukana Spa at Orsett Hall Hotel, Prince Charles Avenue, Essex RM16 3HS 

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