Travel Tip: Olive & June nail salon, Beverly Hills 90210 – the best nail place ever

Whenever I travel I always head to the nearest drugstore on an expedition to discover what exciting new beauty bounty I can score. Secondly whenever I have time I like getting my nails done somewhere locals go. And so on a recent trip to Los Angeles, several recommendations lead me to discovering the best nail salon ever – Olive & June. 

The salon is located in ultra swanky Beverly Hills. Have your Pretty Woman moment on Rodeo Drive then head to Canon Drive, which runs parallel, for the cooler less blingy boutiques and where you’ll find Olive & June.


“Olive & June is a new kind of neighborhood nail salon founded on the idea that getting a manicure and pedicure should be downright lovely.”

Though it only opened last August, it’s become a firm favourite with those in the know and many a celeb has been spotted including Drew Barrymore and Jessica Alba. Founded by Sarah Tuttle, a New Yorker, who when she couldn’t find a decent non-spendy salon on her visits to LA, decided to create her own perfect salon. Attagirl.

Sarah Tuttle, founder, Olive & June
Sarah Tuttle, founder, Olive & June


Light, airy, chic. One wall has the best selection of nail polishes I’ve seen with hundreds of nail polishes to choose from including Chanel, Nars and ecoluxe 5-free ranges like Kure Bazaar and RGB. The opposite wall is glossy magazines and coffee table books in the seating area.

Olive & June reception area
Olive & June nail polish wall
Olive & June nail polish wall


Olive & June menu
Olive & June menu

Olive & June is named after Sarah’s grandma and great-grandma and treatments after other members of her family. I had The JUNE – $20 so that’s approximately £12 for a proper manicure in the swankiest postcode in the world.

The salon uses natural and organic products for treatments and doesn’t offer acrylics so is a little more sweet smelling than most. THE MARGOT uses all organic and eco-friendly products.

Before the manicure itself, the customer card I was asked to complete covered everything from my preferred nail shape and hot beverage of choice to whether my feet were ticklish. The attention to detail continued with the decor – there were wall hooks to hang bags on – a small but welcome touch you don’t often see.  This is somewhere that really wants to please its customers.

Wall hooks for handbags

My nail technician, Katt, was meticulous and friendly. I had a great chat with her covering every topic under the sun which ended up with an invite to dinner at her vegetarian aunt’s house. Sadly I couldn’t accept as I was flying back that night.

The manicure using Kure Bazaar lasted nearly a week. Considering this time included dragging suitcases around and an 11 hour flight pretty much immediately after the manicure, this was impressive.

Great location, great service, great manicure – what’s not to love. Well Olive & June you succeeded in being downright lovely.

Olive & June, 430 N Canon Drive, Beverly Hills 90210 (I’d strongly recommend you book online  in advance as walk-in appointments are now hard to get)


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