B. Gothika lipstick tube

B. Rich Limited Edition Lipstick in Gothika

To be honest B., Superdrug’s own brand makeup range, is a brand I have tended to walk past in Superdrug. From quick glances, the colours looked quite boring uninspiring and I’m drawn to the bold as far as lipstick colours go. Until one fateful day when I was on the hunt for decent drugstore vampy lipsticks and B. threw its hat in to the ring.

I was sent the new limited edition colour, Gothika to try out, which is out for the spooktacular season.

B. Gothika lipstick tube
B. Gothika lipstick tube
B. 187 Gothika lipstick tube

Firstly let’s talk about the gorgeous packaging featuring a delicate Gothic-style black bird illustration. It also has a fancy push in mechanism with a very pleasing click like far more expensive lipsticks.

The B.Rich range promises “a luxurious bold lipstick that lasts” and “intense colour impact in a single sweep” and boy does it deliver. The swatch below is one gentle swipe. Look at how opaque the coverage is.

B. Gothika lipstick swatch
B. Gothika lipstick swatch

This lipstick is insanely pigmented and creamy. It glides on and felt very comfortable on the lips with zero prune-lip effect. The ingredients list is bursting with emollients including carnauba wax, shea butter, jojoba, coconut oil and Vitamin E which explains whys it feels so moisturising.

With a name like Gothika, I was expecting a full on vampy colour. It’s described as a deep berry but on my skin it reads as a deep mauve pink….so a delightfully pretty colour but not very Gothic. However this has almost turned me from my ultra matte lip preference and I’ll need to explore some of the other colours in the range.

All in all I’m impressed. This B.Rich lipstick looks and behaves like a luxe product. Seems B. is not for boring, B. is for beautiful!

Gothika, B.Rich Limited edition lipstick, £7.99 from Superdrug http://www.superdrug.com (I notice that there’s currently a 3-4-2 promotion on)

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