Christmas Gift Guide: Top 3 Beauty Gifts With Style and Substance

I know it’s what’s inside that counts but there is no denying the allure of a beautiful exterior. Part of the fun of holiday season is the chance to indulge in the wonders of wrapping. No point in just being a pretty face though, I like things with style AND substance and hate throwing away.  Here’s my pick of the best beauty gift sets with packaging you can keep, love and re-use long after holiday season is over.


The Guild of Artisans collection of six gift sets from Aesop, each themed on different materials found in Aesop stores. Take your pick from leather, textile, copper, marble, ceramic and timber effect on a tactile embossed paper sleeve wrapped around a black tin. I love the unisex, utilitarian yet elegant Aesop aesthetic. Each kit contains a different set of full-size face and/or body products as shown below:

Aesop gift sets


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Aesop gift sets from £43 


Each year, REN pull out the stops in gift box design and they are always a visual treat. This year the inspiration is cranes, which symbolise good fortune in Asian cultures.  I think the illustrations full of vibrant colour and graceful lines on the cardboard or tin boxes are simple stunning. There are nine sets in total with a mixture of face and body products from mini to full-size.


Ren gift sets from £16 


For my birthday this year, I gave myself (self-gifting is all the rage non?) some gorgeous Kjaer Weis organic makeup. It really is beauty packaging with the wow factor and something to treasure. The cases feel weighty in the hand like jewellery and are all refillable. The Essential Duos contain a lip tint and eyeshadow, the Essential Trios contain lip tint, eyeshadow and blusher.


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Kjaer Weis gifts sets from £55 available in UK from 

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