#LondonUnfiltered…… A Few Of My Favourite London Things

I’m excited to share the end results of a project I was recently involved in – all about my beloved London. I was one of five Londoners challenged by Marriott hotels to use a disposable camera to capture the essence of the Big Smoke. wpid-wp-1418946756993.jpeg I had I day and 19 shots to capture my favourite spots in the greatest city on earth. Almost Mission Impossible! It absolutely killed me to have no idea what the photographs I’d taken looked like. Not to be able to review, delete, take again, take twenty more, add a filter, you know how it goes… I had 19 shots in TOTAL that was it. And then have to wait an eternity (how it felt) for the film to be developed. I’ve completely forgotten how I coped in the Olden Days.

Anyway check out this video to see the places I choose that made the final cut: Do you know all the places? I’ll be sharing all the photos I took and why I choose them in a forthcoming post. In the meantime visit the London Unfiltered page for full details of the project and the other participants.

Do you still use disposable cameras and/or film?

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