Just Another Mani Monday: HJ Manicure Subzero and Purple Paradise (5-free)

His Royal Purpleness, my beloved Prince, wrote Manic Monday for The Bangles, so it’s only fitting that I wear a purple polish in my first Mani Monday post n’est pas? Yes tenuous link but let’s swiftly move on.


This ornamental cabbage was my single favourite flower last year. It lasted for months and the petals changed from this bright magenta purple to a pale greyish lilac. Nature’s colours are really breathtaking beautiful. Anyway this HJ Manicure nail polish called Purple Paradise matched the petals/leaves so I loved it.

Purple Paradise, HJ Manicure
Purple Paradise, HJ Manicure


Grey is my winter neutral. I pretty much live in 50 shades of grey.

Sub Zero, HJ Manicure
Subzero, HJ Manicure – a gorgeous creamy grey

I adore shades of grey and purple so this is a winning combination:

Purple Paradise and SubZero swatches, HJ Manicure

You can read more about the 5-free HJ Manicure nail polish range here.

SubZero* and Purple Paradise*, 15ml HJ Manicure nail polish, £9.50. HJ Manicure available in-store at Orico, 315 King’s Road, London SW3 5EP and online at hjmanicure.com


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