Good Evenings, Pret A Manger’s First Restaurant Opens In London

Pret are the original posh sandwich chain and somewhere I know I can always pop in to for a healthy takeaway lunch made with real ingredients. I still remember my first Pret crayfish and rocket sandwich many moons ago *pauses to reminisce* Anyhoo they’ve just opened their first ever proper restaurant in London.

Called ‘Good Evenings’, the branch on Strand, operates like a regular Pret a Manger branch during the day, then at 6pm until 11pm, it gets its Cinderella on and transforms in to a restaurant serving hot meals and alcohol, with metal cutlery, table cloths, table service, the works.

On arrival, there’s a hostess type person to direct you to a table. You’re given a menu then have to get up to go to the counter to order and pay before your food and drinks are brought to you.

Pret Good Evening Interior

Good Evenings Menu

The menu is mainly hot items from the regular menu with a few new dishes. There is a good variety of veggie options available though many contain cheese/yoghurt so vegans will need to make special requests. And there’s a wine list as well as craft beers. All at reasonable prices.

Pret Good Evenings meal

I had the sweet potato wedges which were practically cold. I informed the waitress and another portion was brought without any hassle…..but it was lukewarm so I guess that’s how they’re served. The saag aloo soup was very tasty, mildly spiced but not insipid, there was heaps of flavour.

Pret states that all menu orders are prepared to order. I’m not sure what that technically means…The food tasted heated rather than cooked from scratch, to me.

It’s not necessarily where I’d go on a hot date, lukewarm maybe. For a sit-down, quick bite, pre-theatre and catching up with friends, you’d be hard pushed to find somewhere nicer that’s much cheaper. So Pret a Manger Good Evenings gets the thumbs up from me.

Pret a Manger Good Evenings, 88-89 Strand, London WC2R 0DW

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