Closet New Look Midi Black Floral Dress

Wonderlusting Wardrobe: Autumn Winter Floral Frock

Rain or shine, summer or winter, I reach for prints – I think it’s in my DNA. Florals are generally seen as a summer style staple but I see no reason why they can’t be rocked in the autumn and winter too. I don’t like chintzy florals though. Big, bold or black is my preference.

A Floral Frock For All Seasons 

Right now I’m feeling this vintage-style, blue and black floral dress from the Closet London range available at New Look that works across the seasons. At the moment with the lovely autumn weather I’m wearing it with ankle boots.  As it gets colder, I’ll throw on the tights and slip a heattech long-sleeved top underneath. In the summer it will be worn with sandals or wedges.

Closet London, New Look Midi Black Floral Dress
Closet London at New Look Black Floral Frock, £48

The fit and flare dress shape is very 50s housewife but I like to mix up my style eras. I’ve been wearing it with a 70s-style brown leather belt and wooden bracelet, and brogue detail ankle boots that are a bit Victorian. It all works with the slightly nineteenth century impressionist painting looking print.

Double buckle belt and wooden bracelet
Accessories – double buckle belt and wooden bangle
brogue detail ankle boots
brogue detail ankle boots
Brogue details mid-heel ankle boots
Brogue details mid-heel ankle boots

I like that it’s very ladylike and prim at the front but there’s a little bit of a party going on at the back of this dress with the v-neck and zip detail.

Closet New Look Midi Black Floral Dress NewLook-closet-blue-v-back-floral-print-skater-midi-dress-back

Boring but useful details wise, the material is a fairly thick polyester with elastane mix that is cut well and sits comfortably – no Spanx required! More importantly it doesn’t require ironing. Just wash, dry and go which is perfect for Ironing Refuseniks/lazy cows like me.

How do you feel about florals?

Midi Floral Print Skater Dress, £48, Closet London at New Look   

Dress c/o New Look. All the accessories are years old from my wardrobe. The boots were from River Island, the belt was from French Connection and I’m afraid I can’t remember where I got the bracelet came from.      


  1. This dress is so pretty! I always have a hard time packing away more summery items when the weather starts cooling so I’m right there with you pairing tights and scarves with spring florals!

  2. Ironing refusenik high five! 😀

    Seriously, this dress seems to have been made for you. You look so, so beautiful!
    And I’m happy to report that I also like to wear my favourite dresses 365 days a year, and I know no mercy layering: from turtlenecks and shawls or knitted vests to long gloves / sexy gauntlets and tto thermals – plus overknee boots 😀

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