TurBliss Peat Mask

The Mask: TurBliss Bioactive Peat Mask Review

Fangotherapy is the therapeutic use of mud, clay and peat. I’ve used mud and clay masks but never peat so was intrigued to try TurBliss Bioactive Peat Mask . This is skincare as natural as it gets, containing pure peat straight from the earth. Not any old peat mind, this comes from ancient bogs in Estonian, ranked as one of the most pristine environments on earth.



Like mud and clay, peat has long been used as a natural skin remedy. Rich in bioactive materials,  scientific research has shown peat has antiseptic, antiviral, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. It has been used medically to treat certain skin conditions such as atopic dermatitis, eczema and rosacea as well as in spa therapy and sports medicine for joints and circulation. Be sure to check how it might affect you if you have any medical conditions.

TurBliss bioactive peat mask

As you can see, the peat mask is dark so prepare accordingly.  I was expecting a strong pong, but the peat has no discernible smell. To use, I cleanse skin first then whilst still damp, I cover my face with a thick layer of the peat mask and leave on for around 10 minutes – never more. Whatever happens don’t let it dry on the skin because it somehow seems to be sucked in to the pores and becomes an absolute pain to remove properly. If I see any dry patches forming, I spray with toner to keep my face damp. Be warned, taking the mask off is messy…it’s a constant mystery how it ends up in my nostrils. I find it easiest to rinse off in the shower.

The mask is described as suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin. I have the Drake of skins – we’re talking sensitive baby. The instructions state that a tingling sensation is normal due to the increased blood flow caused by the peat. However I’ll admit that the first time I used it and felt the tingling, I panicked and washed it off immediately. The next time I stuck with it and the tingling soon subsided. I’ve used the mask numerous times since and my skin has never shown any signs of soreness whatsoever.  I can imagine it is balancing for oilier skin types.


The instructions state that it can be used up to three times a week. That would be too much for my skin, I use the TurBliss peat mask once a week. It leaves my dry skin feeling smoother, cue non-stop cheek stroking and looking clearer. I also find that any products applied afterwards sink in more quickly. Most importantly my inner lagoon creature likes the ritual of smearing peat on my face and the feeling that something good is happening to my skin thanks to Mother Earth.

TurBliss Bioactive Peat Mask, 60ml RRP £15.00 turbliss.eu

TurBliss Bioactive Peat Mask Ingredients: balneological peat (wildcrafted)


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