Pukka Clean Me Green kit

Spring Cleaning With Pukka Clean Me Green Wellbeing Kit

I’ve mentioned before that Spring is my New Year. January, and the depths of cold winter is the very last time I want anything to do with ‘detoxing’. Springtime, after months of eating more generally – well the extra layer of blubber comes in handy in the freezing weather, festive overindulgence and sugary treats to fight the winter blues, is when my body says enough, step away from the fromage. The craving for green kicks in.

Now it’s not that I abandon my usual healthy eating habits in the winter. It’s just that I’m also munching on not so great stuff nutritionally which give me a quick boost but do no favours for my wellbeing long term. There’s also the impact on my skin, winter attacks my glow! Enter the handy Pukka Clean Me Green organic wellbeing kit launched earlier in the year, ideal for putting a spring back in your step.

Pukka Clean Me Green kit

As I’ve mentioned before, Pukka are my favourite supermarket herbal tea brand as they are full of flavour and made with good quality, organic ingredients, ethically sourced. I’ve recently discovered that they also have a whole supplement side, mostly based on Ayurveda. The Clean Me Green Wellbeing Kit uses natural, Soil Association organic certified, botanical and FairWild wild-harvested certified herbs that guarantee ethical and fair sourcing.

Pukka Clean Me Green kit

The kit includes a wellbeing guide and 14 sachets each of the following, to be taken daily:

  • Clean Greens superblend powder – a blend of 11 nutritionally dense greens including nettle, kale sprouts, chlorella and wheatgrass. I like the added boost of nutrients, antioxidants and toxin binding properties this provides. I drink this mixed with aloe vera, baobab or added to my daily morning smoothie. If you’re new to green powders, I advise that you start with half a sachet to get your body used to the detoxifying effects.
  • Clean Matcha Green tea – green tea with lemon, dandelion, fennel and green matcha. Matcha on its own can be quite bitter. As the name suggests, this blend is very clean tasting with a nice lift from the lemon.  I drink this in the morning rather than coffee.  Remember not to use boiling water with matcha as you lose some of the benefits. Let the water cool slightly to around 80C before brewing your tea.
  • Detox Tea – a tissane blend of aniseed, fennel, cardamom, coriander seed and liquorice.  I love how fragrant this is and that it delivers on the taste front too. I drink this in the afternoon to help aid digestion and curb any sweet cravings. Note that this does not contain any senna and is nothing like those blasted  teatoxes which I’m always seeing being touted, which frankly are not the best for the body. This tea gently supports your body’s natural detox processes.

Pukka Clean Greens

Green smoothie

I’ve bought all the items contained in the kit separately so it’s great to have them all in one box together. If you’re just starting to take a look at a healthier lifestyle this Pukka kit is a good place to start. I’m a great believer in focussing on adding good things rather than worrying about taking things away. I also believe that your beauty routine starts in the kitchen with what you consume so call this kit step one!

Pukka Clean Me Green Wellbeing Kit, RRP £19.99 pukkaherbs.com 

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