Taste Testing Tetley’s New Tea Treats – Fancy a Cuppa Cookies & Cream?

I am a green, white, purple, basically anything but black tea drinker! I find the tannins in black tea too much but when I read about Tetley’s new Indulgence Flavour range including Cookies & Cream and Chocolate Mint, my tastebuds were intrigued enough to try. The brand new range has been created to celebrate 180 years of tea blending and features the tastebud teasing flavours blended with Kenyan black tea.

Tetley Indulgence Flavour Blends Review

The four flavours available are Chocolate Mint, Cookies & Cream, Gingerbread and Spiced Apple. Ingredients wise they are black tea with natural flavourings and no added sweeteners or sugar.

So how do they taste? Actually surprisingly good.

Tetley Indulgence Spiced Apple: this had the aroma of tinned apple and the taste of carton apple juice, I didn’t get any scent of spice. It wasn’t unpleasant at all but was my least favourite flavour.

Tetley Indulgence Gingerbread: as soon as hot water hit the tea bag, I got the undeniable whiff of snapping a gingernut biscuit in two with the same gingernut taste when sipped. This had the most intense flavour of the lot and was my favourite to drink hot.

Tetley Indulgence Cookies & Cream: this smelt of baking biscuits with a subtle hint of vanilla that you could taste. The subtle flavour felt very rounded with no overt sweetness or tannin tang. I enjoyed this flavour cold brewed.

Tetley Indulgence Chocolate Mint: This had the aroma of mint choc chip ice cream with a strong mentholy tingle on the nose. When sipped this was very minty with a subtle hint of dark chocolate.  Cold brewing this brought the cacao flavour out and I loved drinking this as a refreshing thirst quencher on sunny days.

Tetley Indulgence Chocolate Mint Tea

I really wasn’t expecting to like these. I wrongly assumed they would taste very artificial but the spiced apple flavour aside, I enjoyed drinking all of these. They were elegantly blended with a rounded, smooth flavour. I’ve been reaching for these as an afternoon pick me up instead of a snack and they’ve been hitting the spot.


Tetley Indulgence Flavour Blends

Looking for a healthier, less sugar laden alternative to frappuccino style brews? I liked to cold brew the Tetley Indulgence tea then blend with ice cubes for my own tasty, homemade cold iced tea drink.

Tetley Indulgence 20-bag box, RRP £1.99 tetley.co.uk

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