Get Your Gift on With UncommonGoods

Let’s just get the c word out of the way shall we. Yes Christmas. Those of you mega organised types will already be on the case but most of us will just be starting to think about it now. Some of us might even have even been known to leave it until Christmas Eve.

During my web escapades I discovered a lovely online emporium UncommonGoods which will certainly be on my gift buying circuit – it’s Brooklyn based with worldwide shipping. The company has been B Corp certified since 2007. B Corporation is a third party certification scheme that independently accesses a company’s sustainability practices. I like their ethical stance of offering products made with sustainable/recycled/upcycled materials, nothing made with fur, feathers, leathers or pearls, using environmentally friendly packaging and donating $1 from every order to charity. Since 2001 they’ve donated over $1 million!

I’m sure you know me well enough by now to know that I’m not really a big fan of mass produced goods. Give me hand crafted, artisan, indie, small batch, emerging…..well you get the drift. That’s exactly what UncommonGoods offers.

Here’s my pick of ten items that would make the perfect gift (or go on Treat YoSelf – I won’t tell).


Plantable Wish Cards

Sustainable Gift Idea - Plantable Wish Cards
plantable wish cards packed with annual and perennial wildflower seeds, encouraging you to write down your goals and watch them bloom!


Spirited Candles

Sustainable Christmas Gifts - Spirited Candles
All natural soy wax candles handmade with notes of signature spirits


Set of 4 Pink Himalayan Tequila Salt Shot Glasses

Himalayan Salt Tequila Glasses - UncommonGoods
reusable shot glasses carved from pink Himalayan salt

Geo Print Natural Cork Clutch

Sustainable Christmas Gift - Cork Couture
Handmade natural cork clutch bag


Yoga Pose Hanging Sculptures in Garden Decor

Sustainable Christmas Gift - Yoga Pose Hanging Sculpture Catherine Murphy
Yoga Pose Hanging Sculpture by Catherine Murphy

Dipped Kale Foodie Necklace

Dipped Kale necklace - Christmas gift idea
A real kale leaf dipped in 24k antique gold!


Birth Month Flower Cuff

Birth Month Flower Cuff - UncommonGoods
Hand made from real flowers that have been sourced from around the world, set against a sterling silver plated cuff


Gemstone Sunset Necklace in handmade gifts

Gemstone Sunset Necklace - UncommonGoods
the pendant is hand-cast in recycled bronze, topped with semi-precious stones, on a 24-karat, gold-plated chain.


Waterfall Stud Earrings

Gemstone Sunset Necklace - UncommonGoods
Kyanite, sterling silver and reclaimed brass earrings inspired by a flower waterfall, handmade by jewellery designer Emilie Shapiro

Wooden Wine Glasses

Sustainable Christmas Gift - David Rasmussen Wooden Wine Glasses
wooden wine glasses beautifully crafted from black walnut wood.

Visit UncommonGoods for more gift ideas.

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by UncommonGoods. Words and opinions 100% mine and I only partner with companies I would personally shop from. No affiliate links. 

  1. I’m afraid it sounds like I’m a recovering alcoholic, but I find the wooden wine glasses and the himalayan salt shot glasses particularly gorgeous 😀 Hashtag Russian af.

    1. WUT? 😱🙈🤣Course there is. Na zdoróvye. Not nazdróvye, that would be Polish.

    2. I said that (perhaps it was my pronounciation but i’m sure she got the gist) and was informed snottily *nobody* says that in Russia. I then asked oh ok what’s the correct saying and was told it was far too complicated for my little brain to comprehend (paraphrasing here lolz) as it depends on the situation. Whatevs!

    3. Aaah, the “Russian soul” brand of snob. We’re so darn complicated. 🙄 While it’s true that there are many different ways to say “cheers” in Russian (many are borrowed, just like in many other languages, cin-cin and all) and many Russians are sick and tired of the wrong, Polish “nasdrovye” thrown an them in every movie trope, there is nothing wrong with the “na zdorovye” or “vashe zdorovye” (=”your health”), in particular for foreigners. I apologise for my compatriot’s moody manners 💚

    4. P.S. That is to say I am myself often guilty of being similarly snotty (but only – kind of – if I’m being bothered by the person I’m talking to). Now coming to think of it… I *do* sound snotty even if I don’t mean to sometimes. Oh my, we’re godawful people! 😱🤐🤣

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