American English Luxury Vegan Haircare


Vegan and plant-based living is having a moment with a massive boom in recent years. According to The Vegan Society there has been a whopping 360% increase in the number vegans in the last decade. This means the demand for vegan-friendly beauty products is growing with new lines launching to meet that demand. New to the UK from LA is American English, a hip luxury vegan haircare range, that I’ve been putting to the test.


American English vegan haircareJPG

The founders of American English have some serious hair care pedigree behind them. The American – Michael Kanyon – is an A-list hair stylist including a stint as head stylist on America’s Top Model and the English – Stephen Durham – is founder of award-winning curly haircare range Twisted Sista and Urban Therapy salons.

American English give the chop to parabens, phthalates and sodium lauryl sulfate with all products free of those nasties, vegan and cruelty free. Sustainably-sourced botanical ingredients used including seaberry/sea buckthorn bursting with antioxidants and omegas; baobab which can penetrate the hair shaft to strengthen; quinoa which can repair damage and hold on to moisture; rosemary which helps improve circulation, balance pH and has anti-inflammatory properties. As with many vegan products there are a few synthetic substitutes in there too.  A thumbs up the website clearly lists the full ingredients lists.

American English Smooth Repair Shampoo, 250ml, £23


The vegan American English Smooth Repair range, as the name indicates is designed to smooth cuticles and nourish hair to minimise frizz. For those with dyed hair, the Smooth Repair shampoo formula is colour-safe. I found it to be a nicely hydrating shampoo with a gentle foam that thoroughly cleansed but didn’t strip my hair.

American English Smooth Repair Conditioner Review, 250ml, £25


The vegan American English Smooth Repair Conditioner is designed to smooth and rebuild hair. This is packed with plant-based ingredients including soy protein, aloe vera, quinoa, Horsetail – one of the richest sources of silica, camellia oil, aloe vera green tea and sugar cane to help strengthen and repair damage. loved using this as a pre-poo conditioner and was also impressed by its smoothing and softening power when used after shampoo and as a leave-in.

American English Multivitamin Nourishing Spray, 120ml, £23


The American English Multivitamin Spray is a styling product designed to protect against heat damage, environmental damage and detangle. I very rarely use any heat or styling tools in my hair at all. However over the Arctic winter we’ve just had, the frigid temperatures had me reaching for the hair dryer rather than air drying as usual. The Beast from the East was trying to not let my hair be great. Thanks to American English it failed.

The American English Multivitamin spray was perfect for detangling, fighting frizz and protecting my hair from heat damage. It also offers UVA/UVB protection so I’ll be putting to use during my forthcoming tropical travels. Botanical ingredients include quinoa; castor oil which helps stimulate circulation and hair growth; macadamia oil which helps protect against UV rays and almond oil to help seal cuticles. This contains dimethicone, a silicone oil, which helps to weatherproof hair. However if used regularly silicone products have a tendency to build up on hair, especially curly hair which has more bends for it to cling to. This isn’t a problem for me as I use very rarely but if you do use often, be sure to use a clarifying shampoo.

Find out more at American English Hair. UK stockists include John Lewis and ASOS.

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